2012 Election candidates in La Paz County

Q: With early voting for the November election closing on August 24th, do you have a current list of candidates on the La Paz County ballot?

A: The La Paz County Elections Department has provided the following list of candidates for the 2012 Election. The write-in period continues, so other candidates may qualify to be written in, but only the following names will be printed on the ballot for their offices:

District 1 Supervisor
Mesena ‘Missi’ Gilbert (Dem)
Juan Carlos Hernandez (Ind)
Steve Madoneczky (Rep)
Bobby Page (Ind)
D.L. Wilson (Rep)

District 2 Supervisor
Lyle Browning (Rep)
Anna Camacho (Rep)
King E. Clapperton (Rep)
Richard DiNolfi (Dem)
Pat Jones (Rep)
Andy Neill (Ind)
Monty Rust (Rep)

District 3 Supervisor
Paul Hale (Ind)
Blain Harold (Rep)
Holly Irwin (Rep)
Jennifer Jones (Rep)

County Sheriff
John Drum (Rep)
Candy Escorza (Dem)
Jose Moreno (Ind)
Ken ‘Packy’ Schwab (Rep)
Don Lowery (Dem – WITHDRAWN)

County Attorney
Sam Vederman (Rep) 

County Treasurer
Leah Castro (Rep)

County Recorder
Shelly Baker (Rep)

County Assessor
William ‘Squeak’ Kossnar (Dem)
Sharon Schuler (Rep)

County School Superintendent
Jim Cleere (Rep)
Janice Shelton (Rep)

Precinct #51 Committee
Andy Jones (Rep)
Cynthia Jones (Rep)
Joshua Moore (Rep)

Precinct #54 Committee
Shelly Rohde (Rep)

Precinct #56 Committee
Thomas C. ‘Topper’ McReynolds (Rep)

Precinct #57 Committee
Blain Harold (Rep)

Precinct #64 Committee
Jennifer Jones (Rep)
Michael Roth (Rep)

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