Quartzsite council member finally takes his seat

Mark Orgeron has been sworn in as a duly elected member of the Town of Quartzsite Common Council.

The incumbents on the council fought his election, declaring in late May that he and Mayor Ed Foster were “not qualified” to take office, despite having both received the highest number of votes in the races for those offices. County Attorney Sam Vederman filed a complaint in state court against the Town’s action on behalf of both, and Orgeron filed his own motion in federal court.

It was Orgeron’s case in front of federal court Chief Judge Roslyn Silver that finally forced the Town to seat him on the council today, after Judge Silver ordered the parties settle the issue. The Town may now be forced to pay Orgeron’s legal expenses, which reportedly totals at least $30,000.

The case did not seat Mayor Foster. Foster spoke to Parker Live today, saying that as a result of Judge Silver’s ruling, he is making an official demand that the Town seat him as the town’s rightful mayor within 5 days or else face more legal action.

Vederman says he has no comment at the moment about Foster’s status, adding, “We are still going through everything to determine how we will next proceed.”

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