Sheriff to enforce new booster seat law

The La Paz County Sheriff’s Office sent out a memo today reminding citizens of the State of Arizona’s new law regarding childrens’ booster seats that went into effect on August 2nd.

The new law requires all children who are either younger than 8 years old, or who are less than 4 feet 9 inches tall (4′ 9″) to be sitting on a booster seat when in a moving vehicle. The booster seat ensures that seatbelts fit correctly across a child’s shoulder, chest and lap.

The law does not apply to small children who should still be in a child restraint seat. Any further questions can be directed to La Paz County Sheriff’s Office at

UPDATE from La Paz County Health Dept:

The purpose of a booster seat is to make the vehicle seat belt fits your child. The child sits on top of the booster seat with a lap and shoulder belt and is then buckled into to the car with the seat belt over them. By lifting your child up in the booster seat, this makes the seat belt fit correctly. These seats can be found at retail stores that sell car seats for as little as $20. The La Paz County Health Department has trained technicians who can help you install your booster seat. Free car and booster seats are available to qualified families. Call 928-669-1062 to set up your booster seat appointment