Quartzsite Police Chief under investigation by Town

Quartzsite Town Manager Alex Taft says Jeff Gilbert has been placed on administrative leave while an investigation into some “allegations” is conducted, and that the leave is intended to facilitate a speedy investigation, not for punishment.

Here is the statement from the Town of Quartzsite:

“Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert and Sergeant Fabiola Garcia were placed on administrative leave today pending the results of an investigation. Sergeant James Schultz will act as Chief of Police pending the return of Chief Gilbert or the appointment of an interim Chief. There will be no reduction in the number of patrol officers and the Police Department will be able to meet the needs of Quartzsite’s residents while this investigation is ongoing.

“It is the policy of the Town of Quartzsite not to reveal the nature of uninvestigated and unproven allegations. The placement of Chief Gilbert and Sergeant Garcia on administrative leave was done purely to facilitate a speedy investigation and not as a form of punishment. The Town urges the public to treat both Chief Gilbert and Sergeant Garcia as innocent of any wrongdoing while the investigation is ongoing.”

No word on whether the investigation is related to a DPS report released recently, which Gilbert had said cleared him of wrongdoing in relation to allegations made by Mayor Ed Foster many months ago.

It is also unclear whether the investigation is related to allegations made by many of Gilbert’s officers in 2011, which ended with many of the officers being fired. Supporters of the officers involved held a rally last summer to protest their treatment, calling them the ‘Quartzsite 10’.