La Paz County unofficial election results

UPDATE 8/29 10:20am– La Paz County Recorder Shelly Baker says there are 216 ballots still left to count. This means the Republican race for Sheriff is either candidate’s to take, and it could also make a difference in one or two of the other races.

The first unofficial election results were posted by La Paz County Elections Department before 8:35pm. Based on some but not all precincts reporting, the following results:

In the Republican race for Sheriff, John Drum and Ken Schwab were neck-in-neck (each with around 50% of the vote).

In the Republican race for District 1 Supervisor, D.L. Wilson leads Steve Madoneczky (63% to 36% of the vote).

In the Republican race for District 2 Supervisor, King Clapperton is leading with 25% of the vote, followed by Anna Camacho (23%), Monty Rust (20%), Pat Jones and Lyle Browning neck-in-neck (15%-16%).

In the Republican race for District 3 Supervisor, Holly Irwin appeared to lead Blain Harold and Jennifer Jones (46%, 40%, 13%).

In the Republican race for School Superintendent, Janice Shelton is ahead of Jim Cleere (71% to 29%).

Democrats running for local offices were unopposed, with only write-in votes opposing.

Based on these early results, La Paz County seems to prefer Kelli Ward over Sam Scarmardo and Nancy McLain. The same is true of Rick Murphy, who took most votes in La Paz County against Ron Gould and Paul Gosar. (Gosar appears to have taken the race overall, and Kelli Ward appears to have taken her race overall also.)