Jeff Gilbert accused of falsifying “time sheet”

Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert says he is the victim of retaliation from town management after an allegation of facilitating a false time sheet.

Gilbert, who was placed on administrative leave for undisclosed reasons, says the only reason he was given for the action was contained in a written notice from Town Manager Alex Taft, which says:

“A complaint has been lodged alleging that you facilitated the false presentation of a time sheet containing false information. An outside agency yet to be determined will be conducting a criminal investigation into this allegation.”

Based on the Sheriff’s Office, Yuma PD and Havasu PD declining to investigate the allegation, Gilbert says it is apparent that Town management has been “shopping for an agency to investigate this ‘allegation'”.

He continues:

“I believe this action is in direct retaliation against me for other departmental issues. The criminal allegations are completely false and I am confident I will be cleared of any wrong doing.”