Sunrise Rotary Club to host Meet The Candidate

Open to the public, a ‘Meet and Greet Your Candidates’ event will be held on Thursday, October 4th from 6-8:30 pm at the Town of Parker Senior Community Center located at 1115 12th Street in Parker. This is an excellent opportunity to meet and talk to candidates for office in the General Election this November.

All candidates from all parties have been invited. Each candidate will be given two minutes for an opening statement and given three questions to answer with the opposing candidate given one minute for a rebuttal. Candidates then will have the opportunity to give a one minute closing statement. Candidates who are running unopposed are also invited to introduce themselves and present their views to the public.

Pam Boyd from the Arizona Western College will video the event for release to cable television and the internet. Dave Riek from Yuma Arizona will travel to Parker to act as the moderator. The event is sponsored by the Parker-Poston Sunrise Rotary Club. For more information please contact Don Davis at (928) 916-669-8974, Pam Boyd (928) 669-2214 or Rodney Mendoza (928) 916-2670.