Filming continues in Quartzsite

It’s October, which means Hemet Productions has one more season on the hunt for interesting stories and people in the town of Quartzsite for our upcoming documentary film on the town.

The crew has been visiting Quartzsite for over a year and a half now, interviewing people, capturing moments and covering stories in the quest to portray how unique the town and its people are.

Quartzsite is multi-faceted, with people from all kinds of backgrounds and values and beliefs gathering in the middle of the desert. It’s like nowhere else!

We keep getting asked if our film is all political. No! The political story in Quartzsite is very interesting, but it’s part of a wider human story playing out each year in the town. We’ll cover the political drama in a way that doesn’t detract from all that’s good about the town. We’re very interested in unusual people and situations. And Quartzsite is a very unusual place.

Hemet Productions is asking the Quartzsite community to be on the lookout for people and subjects to cover for the project. Here are some examples of what we’re interested in:

  • The man who rode his lawnmower across several states
  • A man who hugs cacti in the nude
  • People who pan for gold
  • Snowbird stories
  • The Rainbow People
  • Stories about mining
  • Treasures found in the desert
  • Local musicians, bands or people who jam
  • Hobos, and other transients
  • Unusual collections of things
  • People in experimental vehicles
  • People who can tell a story
  • People with unusual lifestyles
  • People you wouldn’t expect to find in Quartzsite
  • Etc.

‘Only in Quartzsite’ material is our top priority. The aim is to show compelling stories from the most unlikely place, the middle of the desert. Anyone who thinks they can help with that should get in touch.

Send an email to  to get in touch. For the official website visit or click the graphic above.

John Wright