Continuance in Foster case, possible settlement?

Nobody’s talking officially, but reports that Ed Foster may soon be seated as mayor of Quartzsite surfaced Wednesday night as a potential settlement may soon put an end to the legal battle over May’s election results.

Today’s oral arguments have been officially continued until October 17th, which may be a sign that the attorneys in the case agree on enough to negotiate a settlement that would seat Foster.

Foster has sought numerous legal remedies after being elected mayor of the town in May and subsequently being voted ‘disqualified’ by the incumbents he was running against on the Quartzsite Council. The previous mayor and vice-mayor stayed in their seats after the election that voted them out, prompting County Attorney Sam Vederman to file a quo warranto action against the Town on behalf of the State of Arizona.

After the previous mayor stepped down voluntarily and a federal action seated Mark Orgeron, Foster asked the court for a writ of mandamus which would force the Town to seat Foster, a ruling on which was theoretically possible today.

At issue would have been a controversial town ordinance which purports to disqualify any candidate who owes the Town money. Foster reportedly owes the Town $2200 after challenging an election which unseated him last year. In his filing with the court, Vederman said Foster was the undisputed mayor of the Town, and has been since May.

If the parties reach a settlement, Foster could be seated as early as the next regularly scheduled Council meeting. If not, the case will continue with oral arguments on October 17th.