How to vote for County Attorney

This is the space La Paz County voters will use to elect the next County Attorney. It has no listed candidates. It comes just below an empty space that voters can use to write in a name for their district Supervisor (if they don’t vote for one of the listed candidates). And it requires the correct oval filled in and the name of a valid candidate written beside it.

La Paz County Recorder Shelly Baker wants to warn voters against making any mistakes that could change the way their vote is counted. “If someone writes in the name of a County Attorney candidate above where it says County Attorney instead of below it, not only will that not count as a vote for County Attorney, it will spoil their vote for Supervisor too,” Baker said. “People may also miss the section completely.”

Baker said that it is possible, if someone has made a mistake on an early ballot, for them to re-cast their vote. “They should call our office,” she said. The phone number is (928) 669-6136.

Below, Parker Live gives two examples of the General Election 2012 ballot (these ones are from District 1, but the options for District 2 and District 3 Supervisor will appear in its place in those districts). One of them is filled out correctly, the other is filled out incorrectly. Notice that the write-in space above “County Attorney-Procurador de Condado” is actually the write-in space for Supervisor, not County Attorney. The write-in space below “County Attorney-Procurador de Condado” is the correct space to write in the name of the candidate voters wish to elect as County Attorney.

Both the oval on the left should be filled in with a pen and the candidate’s name written clearly. Writing the name of a candidate for County Attorney above “County Attorney-Procurador de Condado” will result in spoiling your vote for both the offices of Supervisor and County Attorney.

There are 5 valid write-in candidates for County Attorney:  Martin Brannan, Glenn Buckelew, Dan Field, Stephen Lundell and Tony Rogers. They are in a race to replace Sam Vederman, who is being appointed as Judge of the Superior Court come December.