Raising children in La Paz County

Press release:

La Paz County Health Department is asking residents to give their input on a survey that measures their quality of life. The survey, “Voices of the Community,” is a very important part of “Healthy LA PAZ,” a study recently launched by the health department to determine the quality of life in La Paz County, the overall health of its residents, and areas of improvements. Questions in the survey include: Is your community a good place to raise children? Is your community a good place to retire? The survey is located on the front page at lpchd.com.

“The information gathered in the survey will go into a Community Health Improvement Plan,” says Melanie Sarnio, Epidemiologist and project manager for Healthy LA PAZ. “The Healthy LA PAZ committee will then use the data to answer what health means to the people of La Paz County.”

Healthy LA PAZ is a community driven coalition that focuses on improved health in La Paz County and is made up of private, public and non-profit sectors. The main goal of the Healthy LA PAZ community is to identify health issues and find resources that address them. The coalition is currently conducting multiple assessments in addition to the Healthy LA PAZ survey. For more information on Healthy LA PAZ or to take the survey, go to lpchd.com.