Tony Rogers wins County Attorney race

Final unofficial results in the La Paz County election are in, and they say that Tony Rogers is the winner of the race for County Attorney, with 548 write-in votes.

Rogers took 32% of the vote, followed by Dan Field with 26%, Steve Lundell with 22%, Glenn Buckelew with 19% and Martin Brannan with <1%. There were 99 votes between Rogers and Field.

Counting the 810 provisional and ‘late early’ ballots that were added to the results last night, there was also confirmation of some wins forecast last week:

  • D.L. Wilson – District 1 Supervisor
  • King Clapperton – District 2 Supervisor
  • Holly Irwin – District 3 Supervisor
  • John Drum – Sheriff
  • Sharon Schuler – Assessor
  • Melissa Wright – AWC Board District 2

Voter turnout was considered to be good, ranging between 49% and 66% in various county precincts, with an overall turnout of almost 60% of eligible voters casting a ballot in La Paz County (slightly higher than the national average).

La Paz County voted for Mitt Romney (65%) over Barack Obama (33%). La Paz also favored Jeff Flake (57%) over Richard Carmona (36%). Paul Gosar received most votes for District 4 Congress (63%), and Kelli Ward received most votes for District 5 State Senator (66%). Sonny Borrelli and Doris Goodale received most votes for State Representative District 5. Much of this may be attributed to people voting party lines; there are more registered Republicans in La Paz County (who tend to vote for Republicans) than there are registered Democrats (who tend to vote for Democrats).

Explore the results (minus the write-in County Attorney results) by clicking HERE.