Cash Mob in Parker, AZ 12-12-12


Cash Mobs have been sweeping the national news for several months now and it’s Parker, Arizona’s turn to be mobbed!

That’s right, on 12-12-12 there will be a Cash Mob in Parker!

The basic idea of a cash mob is to gather a group of people, take $20 each and “mob” a local business. This is a fun way to get to know a business, get something cool for yourself or someone else and meet new people. Even more fun is the “after-mob” party to show off our purchases.

The mobbing will take place from 4 pm – 7 pm. Come when you can during those hours.

More information will be coming your way real soon.

Please stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for the location of the first Cash Mob in Parker, AZ. Look for our logo!