Parker PD investigates recent burglaries

Parker PD Press Release:

Police have been investigating burglaries that have occurred during the last several weeks. These thieves have been targeting businesses primarily from midnight to 5 a.m. At a majority of these scenes footprints and bicycle tire prints were left that evidentially led police to a residential area where convicted thieves reside.

The suspects are adult males and females who have been seen during night time hours riding bicycles, wearing backpacks, dressed in black clothing with hooded sweat shirts. These suspects have been seen walking around their potential targets days before they commit their crime. These suspects usually stay indoors during the daylight and become active at night.

The Police are asking the public to call if they see persons matching these descriptions or if they hear unusual loud noises. One witness reported they heard loud pounding as if someone was hammering in the middle of the night. In this case the suspects had tried pounding open a door at a nearby business. Generally thieves are criminals of opportunity. If they find an unlocked car door or an open window they will steal what they can carry away. However, these suspects are targeting businesses and will work to gain entry. The police department is asking citizens for assistance by calling in suspicious activity no matter how minor you may think it may be. Callers do not need to leave their identity but the call may assist police officers in preventing another crime from occurring.

Please contact the Parker Police Department if you would like more information at (928) 669-2265.