Happy New Year!

I didn’t think the number ’13’ in the year 2013 would mean anything, but I have already been potentially proven wrong.

This morning, La Paz County’s duly elected representatives were sworn in at the La Paz County Superior Court. I stopped by my office at around 7:53am, spoke briefly to Keith and then rushed out the door to the car to cover the swearing-in ceremony for the radio and for Parker Live.

But 2013 got the best of me. As I was running to the car, I hit some loose gravel and fell, whacking my noggin off the ground, cutting my chin open and busting a tooth. Instead of heading to the courthouse, I held my chin with a paper towel and drove myself to the E.R. for 3 stitches and a tetanus shot. The kicker: on the rush into the E.R., my wife Melissa Wright (after being sworn in herself as an AWC board member) dropped her iPhone and smashed the screen glass. Well played, 2013; well played!

Anyway, since I wasn’t able to bring you photographs from the swearing-in ceremony at the new Judge Vederman’s courtroom, this accurately scaled drawing will have to suffice:

Here’s to a great year for our elected representatives, the Parker area, Parker Live and my recovering jaw. Make it a great one, friends, and may the ’13’ in 2013 mean good luck for everyone.

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