Parker Police Update

Parker Police Press Release

On January 5th, 2013 at approximately 9:30pm, Parker and CRIT Police officers responded to a fight in progress in the 700 block of Geronimo. Once at the scene officers discovered a pool of blood along a concrete walk way and found blood on one of the suspects clothing. Upon further investigation officers discovered one victim had been beaten with a baseball bat and stabbed. The three suspects responsible have been identified and arrested. The victim and suspects were identified as tribal members and the case was turned over to the FBI and CRIT PD. This was an extremely unfortunate experience for the victim and surrounding neighbors who witnessed the event. The Parker Police Department and CRIT PD appreciate the person(s) who took the interest and time to notify police of the fight in progress. Please continue to contact the Parker Police Department to report suspicious subjects or circumstance at (928) 669-2265.

On December 28th, 2012 at 3:30am Parker Police officers observed a male walking in the 500 block of Ocotillo Avenue. The male was dressed in all black clothing, a hooded sweatshirt and carried a black back pack. The officer recognized the person as possibly being involved in a past burglary. As the officer attempted to make contact the person ran. An hour later the officer located and contacted the person at the 600 block of 11th street. The person became combative and with the assistance of CRIT PD a knife was removed for the person. A pipe and another device for smoking methamphetamine were found in his possession. The back pack was filled with women’s under-clothing. The suspect was arrested by CRIT PD for various drug charges. During the last several weeks Parker and CRIT PD have arrested 10 suspects in reference to burglaries and thefts. A number of these arrests can be contributed to the calls we have received pertaining to suspicious subjects or circumstances. The Parker Police Department appreciates all the support and asks everyone to report suspicious circumstance at (928) 669-2265.

During the few weeks 12 victims had their car windows shot out with the possibility of a BB or pellet gun. A majority of the cars had their back windows broken. A suspect vehicle was described as a dark colored Mini Van. The minivan was seen driving away from the sound of breaking glass from a parked car. The acts are random with no established motive except to destroy property. Anyone with information is asked to please contact the Parker Police Department at (928) 669-2265.