Chief Mendoza on business crime prevention

Parker Police Department

On January 9th 2013 the Parker Area Chamber of Commerce and the Parker Police Department hosted a Business Crime Prevention Meeting at the Parker Senior Center. The event was well attended by over 30 business owner, managers and employees. We discussed the recent rash of criminal activity that has directly affected our businesses and how to help prevent from becoming a victim in the future. Parker Police discussed the recent arrest of 12 suspects for burglaries and thefts. Several of these arrests were coming from citizens reporting suspicious persons in the neighborhood or tips on who may be committing thefts.

In an attempt to keep everyone informed of criminal activity the Parker Police Department will send out E-mails to every business who requests to be on an Email list. Through the use of email every business will be able to communicate directly with each other and with the police department. Whenever businesses fall victim to criminal activity such as burglaries, thefts, bad checks and employee thefts the information will be sent out to inform all businesses in the community. Business owners or managers will also be able to communicate directly with the police department to address concerns or suggestions.

I would like to remain everyone to always report suspicious persons or circumstances to the police. Your recent phone calls have already resulted in the arrest of several persons implicated in burglaries, thefts and drug use. For more information regarding activity in our community you may refer to our website or facebook page. Mary Hamilton and I look forward to meeting with everyone again at our meeting in April. Time and Date to be announced.

Rodney Mendoza
Chief of Police, Town of Parker