Women and policing

Parker Police Department

Just during the last seven weeks the Parker Police Department responded to 14 Domestic Violence calls. One incident involved a Machete and another involved a woman being punched in the face and choked by her boyfriend. These are a few of many cases of Domestic Violence within our community. Many cases involve physical injuries but more times than not the emotional injuries are just as intense. Unfortunately too many of these incidents have occurred in front of their children. Men and Women have both been victims of Domestic Violence but a vast majority of victims are Women.

Our community is not immune to Domestic violence and the horrific effect it has on families. There are many false assumptions regarding Domestic Violence. Domestic violence is not about a perpetrator’s anger issues but is about one person’s ability to establish and maintain power control over another person. The abuser is extremely well versed in the ability to masquerade his violence from friends, coworkers and family. However, whenever alone with the victim the abuser becomes demanding, controlling, demeaning which usually over time turns violent. The abuser does a good job at keeping the victim isolated from anyone outside of their immediate family leaving the victim with no one to turn to for help for fear of embarrassment, ridicule or self blame.

Many of these assaults are witnessed by relatives or friends but they chose not to report or take any action because they do not want to get involved. Domestic Violence usually does not start with a punch or a kick; it starts through the use of “Power and Control” methods.

If you know someone who is in an abusive relationship sometimes just saying “I’m afraid for you, is there anything I can do to help,” will go a long way toward providing an avenue of help for the victim.

In our community we are fortunate to have the Colorado River Regional Crisis Shelter. They have trained staff who will answer questions; provide counseling and provide emergency shelter if necessary. Phone calls are strictly confidential. When you call for assistance, advice or information your identity will be protected. If someone needs help or just wants some questions answered, please call their hotline number at 1-888-499-0911, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The primary purpose of this article is to elevate awareness, inform and educate our community to these types of crimes and how to protect you, a friend or family member. For further information please contact the Parker Police Department at (918) 669-2264.

Police Chief Rod Mendoza