Robby robbed? / Robby cheats?


The big debate played out Saturday evening among fans after Robby Gordon arrived at the Parker 425 finish line at BlueWater Resort & Casino with at least 5 minutes between him and the next to finish, Jason Voss.

Gordon, who was driving the #77 trophy truck, was informed after finishing and being declared the winner by fans and media that he was being subjected to a 15 minute time penalty for communicating with his helicopter, which is against race rules.

Race teams often utilize helicopters for indirect air support, photography and videography. But direct communication is ‘illegal’.

Gordon took the microphone at the podium after an angry crowd demanded to know why he had been penalized. Gordon said, “Show me the proof, if you’re taking my win from me,” to cheers from the crowd.

Best in the Desert’s unofficial results had him in third place overall as the controversy continued on online forums. Still, the show went on as other racers finished while Gordon signed merchandise and posed for photographs nearby.

Full results next week.

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