A truckload of free noodles was opened up to the general public this morning after a semi carrying a shipment of the product was stranded in Parker after an accident.

Parker Towing was able to give hundreds of cases of the products away when the insurer wrote the shipment off, leaving the tow truck company’s owner Mark to dispose of them in his own way.

Several community service organizations were first in line this morning, with Bill Risen taking a pickup truck load for the Colorado River Regional Crisis Shelter. Some churches were there too, and representatives of St. Vincent de Paul.

Members of the public are welcome to come and take a few cases of Maruchan Instant Lunch for supplies at home. The trailer is located at Geronimo Avenue and 12th Street in Parker. First come, first served. Mark is imposing a limit of 6 cases per person to try to ensure there’s enough to go around.

With nearby major highways like US-95, AZ-72, CA-62 and I-10, the town of Parker has ended up with several such failed shipments before, including a truckload of frozen peaches, a truckload of fresh strawberries and a truckload of cherry compote.


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