Man in white van wanted for questioning

Parker Police Department

On March 29th, 2013 at approximately 12:30 p.m. a 5 year old girl was walking toward her home in the 1200 block of 5th street in Parker when a man driving a white cargo van stopped, then the van backed up toward the girl and asked her for directions. A concerned neighbor who didn’t hesitate to get involved yelled out to the little girl to keep walking toward her home. The van immediately sped off westbound on 5th Street.

The suspect was described as an older white male with white hair. The vehicle was described as an older white Ford Econoline Van, cargo type with no passenger side windows. The two rear doors on the back of the van each had a window at the top but were encased with some type of “Bubble wrap” preventing anyone from seeing in or out of the van. The witness was unable to get the license plate numbers but stated it was an Arizona light colored plate consistent with plates issued within the last few years. At this time the Parker Police Department is attempting to identify this person for further questioning.

A child being accosted by a stranger is extremely unusual for our community. All of us, regardless of our age or gender, have enjoyed the freedom from the fear of crime while out and about either walking to school or exercising with the family on a nightly walk. We enjoy the quality of life our community offers and this is largely due to everyone watching out for each other, especially when it involves our children. Parents are encouraged to talk with their children about “Stanger danger” situations before they occur.

Please call the Parker Police Department for additional information or to report suspicious activity at (928) 916-2670.

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