Are the lights at Arizona Avenue the worst in existence?


The traffic lights at Arizona Avenue are always red. And by ‘always’ I mean ‘often enough and for such little apparent reason that it contributes to the road rage inside me.’

Does anybody else notice, when driving along California Avenue in Parker approaching the intersection with Arizona, that the lights almost always turn red just before you reach them? Further, does anybody else notice that the vehicle waiting at Arizona for their turn is usually the only vehicle waiting to turn there? Moreover, does anybody else notice that the process of letting this single car turn takes an ungodly amount of time? (Light turns red, slow down, stop, wait, wait some more, car makes its turn, wait, wait some more, try not to fall asleep, light finally turns green, drive off in a rage.)

The entire process happens at roughly the speed of smell. Anybody else notice this? Or is it just me?

This mostly useless traffic control device doesn’t need to be there, as far as I can tell, or at least doesn’t need to be there most of the time. So I have something to propose:

The traffic lights at Arizona Avenue should – most of the time – be flashing yellow for California Avenue traffic (‘Proceed with caution’). And they should be flashing red for Arizona Avenue traffic (‘Stop until it’s safe to turn’). If traffic gets particularly heavy, they can be changed to fully operative timed lights as they are now (but please, for the love of God, improve the timing?).

Problem solved, road rage averted. The End.

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