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Everything you'd expect from an Iron Man movie. Action-filled and cool!

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Movie reviews with Keith Moses & Josh Savino!

Showing Thursday night in Parker is Iron Man 3, the third installment in the popular franchise starring Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow.

This time, BlueWater Cinemas in Parker has been allowed to show the movie in an advanced screening Thursday at 9pm. And, here on Parker Live, we have a movie review for you ahead of time too! Here’s the review from our own (now) resident movie critics.


KEITH: New director Shane Black’s take on Iron Man 3 creates a comic book come to life. Some fans of the previous two Iron Man movies may find it a little disconcerting at the beginning, but once you immerse yourself into the action the story carries you along. Once again, Robert Downey Jr. proves that he was born to play Tony Stark, although the big twist may anger some fanboys! I thought it was very entertaining and I was happy with it. Iron Man 3 is a great start to the summer blockbuster season – go see it!

JOSH: Iron Man 3 succeeds in delivering a great third installment to the most popular Marvel series to date. There’s enough plot twists to keep you guessing, but fanboys may be left scratching their heads due to some strayings from the original comic book details. You can definitely tell that there’s a new director in the chair as Shane Black (writer of Lethal Weapon) replaces Jon Favreau (Iron Man and Iron Man 2). Tons of action (of course) and lots of witty, sarcastic, entertaining banter. In this story we find Tony Stark taking on more of a detective role than the playboy / philanthropist / weapons builder he was in the previous movies. The final battle is impressive enough to leave you wondering why the movie isn’t called Iron MEN! Overall a great movie to kick off the summer.

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