Editor’s note: About the ‘drug dealer roundup’


Since last week’s story went out about suspected drug dealers being arrested in a ’roundup’ by the La Paz County Task Force, the reaction has been overwhelmingly in support of law enforcement.

The feedback (some of which isn’t visible anymore as a result of a technical update on the new Parker Live site) includes these comments:

“Great job, Law Enforcement. Keep the streets clean.”

“Proud of our peace officers!”

“Good job Parker PD, CRIT, Task Force and La Paz County. Shame on these guys for using our local businesses. As business owners, we work hard to offer jobs to people we believe are honest…”

“Dangerous drugs being sold at places of businesses in Parker is unfortunate, unsightly and most importantly unsafe. This should be prevented. A Security Guard posted at your place of business will deter this type of activity…”

A word on the business situation:

The business owners we talked to were shocked to find out that their employees may have been involved in criminal activities. Several of them are certain their property was not involved in any way, and it’s important to note that the Task Force did not release specifics.

Any business owners whose employees were abusing their place of work are victims of that exploitation of their property, and at least one that we spoke with has rigorous anti-drug policies that were being violated.

The feedback we received has been largely very empathetic toward the business owners, who have a hard job to do when screening job applicants and trying to find reliable, responsible people.

It’s also important to remember that any of the named individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. I hope the process works in this case for the betterment of our community, including a better business environment.

Thanks for all the positive comments about the all-new Parker Live, by the way! Glad you’re enjoying it.

John Wright

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