Rare tortoise stolen


This is Taxi, a tortoise. But she’s not the kind of native desert tortoise that you may be more familiar with; she’s an African Spurred Tortoise from the Sahara Desert. And Taxi was taken from the enclosed yard of her owner in Big River, CA last month.

Since then, Taxi’s owner Jo has been looking for him. Her picture has been in the paper, plastered on bulletin boards and lamp posts. She’s about 40 lbs, not small by any stretch of the imagination. Someone has seen her or knows where she’s been taken.

If you know where Taxi is, or have any information leading her owner to her, please call Jo at (760) 665-6153.

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  1. My girlfriend inherited a turtle when she bought a house here in town. They had it for a few months and then it just disappeared. I hope to goodness some idiot is not doing bad things. Stay vigilant Parker!

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