Possible bomb threat at Justice Court


At approximately 12:15 p.m. this afternoon Sheriff John Drum discovered an abandoned hibachi sitting on the sidewalk in between the Parker Fire Department and the courthouse on Arizona Avenue.

The Sheriff called for the Lake Havasu Bomb Team to investigate. Below are the updates Parker Live gave on the story during the incident.


1:16pm– The entire block is a restricted area, however Superior Court personnel are still at work in their offices, County Attorney’s office, Court Clerk’s offices etc. Justice Court JP6 was evacuated.

1:18pm– Employee says the device looked something like a mini-barbecue.

1:25pm– Superior Court is due to be in session in a few minutes. So far there is no evacuation or order to suspend the day’s work, but JP6 was evacuated until Havasu bomb squad give their OK.

1:27pm– Observer says the suspicious package has been there since yesterday. Havasu bomb team is en route. Law enforcement activities may be routine / protocol and not cause for alarm.

4:30pm– Parker Live has received a report that the object was benign and poses no threat.


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