Star Trek Into Darkness

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A 'must see' for action movie buffs - Trekkies and purists may have some trouble accepting the style.

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The newest Star Trek film begins Thursday at BlueWater Cinemas in Parker.

Now, here’s the Parker Live review from our own resident movie critics, Keith Moses and Josh Savino.


KEITH: Where to begin? J.J. Abrams’ second foray into the world of Star Trek contains a lot more action than its predecessor. He tries to blend the old with the new, but it feels to me – as a long time Star Trek fan – that something is missing. Benedict Cumberbatch excels as this movie’s villain and if you haven’t seen him in the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes, you need to.

Chris Pine and the rest of cast seem to ease into their respective roles with much more ease this time around, giving each a lot more to do. It’s a fun fast ride, but left me wanting more from my Star Trek which I can’t quite put my finger on… but for a summer blockbuster movie, the average movie fan will love it and I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it! It just wasn’t my old Star Trek kind of movie and that’s okay (I can just break out the old DVDs for those!).

JOSH: In typical J.J. Abrams fashion, Star Trek Into Darkness does not disappoint. From the high-action opening scene to the twist and turns that take you through a storyline involving an all too familiar adversary, Star Trek is special effects candy to the eyes and a plot-twist treat for the mind.
A ‘must see’ for action movie buffs and Trekkies alike!


  1. If I was a TREKKIE i wld be satisfied with this new star trek movie, it was entertaining….even with all the over abundance of lens flares. KHAAAAAAAAAAAN!

  2. JJ is still over-fond of the olde lens flare?? When is he gunna drop that schtick? I do love me some JJ though.

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