The Hangover Part 3

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Mixed reviews here at Parker Live. Is it a mediocre attempt to bring something different for the final installment, or a laughfest? The decision is yours.

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Now playing at BlueWater Cinemas in Parker: The Hangover Part 3! Now, here’s Parker Live’s movie review with Keith Moses and Josh Savino, neither of whom has seen what the other had to say about the film. Between them, maybe they can guide your viewing.


KEITH: All of your favorite characters from The Hangover return for this, the last and final installment of the franchise, Part 3.

I like the attempt at creating a new storyline as opposed to Hangover 2, which basically followed the same formula as the original. This movie, though, centers around the Ken Jeong character more than either of the other two. I like him in small doses, but I don’t know that he should have been in the central role here.

There are funny moments in the movie but nothing beats the original. Zack Gilifanakis is great once again in his part as Allen. Melissa McCarthy is outstanding in the scene she has; my only complaint is that it seems so fast and was over so quickly! I wanted to see a bit more.

Stick around through the credits for a surprise! All in all a good end to the Hangover series.

JOSH: In typical Hangover fashion, the third (and most likely final) installment of this rude, crude and extremely irrelevant franchise did not disappoint. Hangover Part 3 takes the ‘Wolf Pack’ to Mexico and then back to Vegas where it all began. I found myself LOLing the entire time. John Goodman plays a great villain that will do anything to get back what’s his. Ken Jeong is back once again as the bad guy you hate to love.

Hot tip: stay in your seat during the end credits for a bonus scene that will leave a warm feeling in your bosom.