The 36th Annual Parker Tube Float: FAQ

13logofinal-600dpi36th Annual Parker Tube Float, “The Wild, Wild Wet” June 8, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of the most common questions regarding this year’s big event, right from the organizers’ mouths.


What is the location of the official launch site of this year’s Tube Float?

This year’s Tube Float will launch at La Paz County Park in the event area just south of Pirate’s Den. If you are pre-registered, you may enter at the Pirate’s Den gate as you will get free parking with your pre-registration. If you do not pre-register, you will enter at the swap meet entrance (south side). There will be a $10 parking fee if you do not pre-register. Then, you will need to register for the event. So it is to your benefit to pre-register.


Why do I have to pay?

The Parker Tube Float is and always has been a fundraiser for the Parker Area Chamber of Commerce. The fundraising efforts of this event help provide the services we render to visitors and the business community. We are responsible for the visitor’s center located in the center of town. We provide thousands of referrals to local businesses and information to visitors year-round.


Why is it called the “Wild, Wild Wet” this year?

Every year we create a theme for the Parker Tube Float. This year we wanted everyone to embrace the wild, west experience with water. The theme will determine the design for the big floats that register. There is a cash prize for the best designed float with our theme as criteria.


I hear there are prizes at the end of the float. How do I get in on the drawing of those prizes?

You must register to be eligible for the prize drawing at the end of the float. This year we have over $3000 in prizes! some of those prizes are (2) iFloats valued at $685 each, (4) Aqua Flyboard Rides, (1) Epiphone Electric guitar with dual humbuckers, many items from BlueWater Resort & Casino, Floats, electronics and so much more!


I’m not going to “compete” in the race portion of the Tube Float, so do I have to register?

Yes. It is a fundraiser.


We heard that boats will not be allowed in the float this year, is that true?

You may float a boat with your group as long as everyone is registered and wearing their wristbands. The event area is permitted to the Parker Area Chamber of Commerce through the United States Coast Guard. The event area is from La Paz County Park to BlueWater Resort & Casino on both sides of the river. This is an official Safety Zone establishing a restricted area for this event. If you want to enter the event area, you need to register.


I stay on the California side, outside of the event area. Can I launch from outside the event area?

You can have a boat tow you to the safety zone and participate in the float as long as everyone is registered.


Do I have to wait to pick up my wristbands until the day of the event?

Pre-registered floaters’ wristbands will be available prior to the day of the event. But keep them in a safe place as they will not be replaced.


What should I do with my trash that I accumulate on the float?

We will be handing out trash bags. There will be assist vessels that can take your trash for you. Or, just keep your trash in your cooler and empty it at the finish line into a proper receptacle.


How do I pre-register?

You can print the form, fax it and call us with a credit card or you can print the form and bring it in to the office and pay by check, cash or credit card. The easiest way to do it is on our secure website. To get the form or pre-register online visit


If you have any further questions, call the Parker Area Chamber of Commerce at (928) 669-2174.

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