2013 Parker Tube Float




This event is organized by the Parker Area Chamber of Commerce. It is a fundraiser that helps us fund our non-profit organization. We are responsible for the visitor’s center which provides thousands of referrals to members and local businesses. We provide information to visitors who stop in, call or email our office. We are recognized by the Arizona Office of Tourism as an Official Arizona Visitor Center. We also support local businesses by providing educational programs. I feel like I need to tell you what we do so that you understand the importance of the fundraising efforts of this office.

We spend all year organizing and planning this event. We make this event safe for the participants with the cooperation from the United States Coast Guard, La Paz County Sheriff’s Department, Parker Fire Department, Buckskin Fire Department, CRIT Fire Department, CRIT Fish & Game, CRIT Police Department, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and River Medical. We couldn’t do this event without the help of all these First Responders and Law Enforcement Agencies. This year, we have more help from The American Red Cross. This coordinated effort is designed for the safety of the event.

Now, for the rules. We have rules for a reason: Safety. We didn’t make up any new rules; we are just enforcing the rules that have always been in place. This event is permitted by the governing law enforcement agency, The United States Coast Guard. They will be on the water again this year during this event. They were on the water last year and made certain recommendations for the event. One of those recommendations was to make the event area a “Safety Zone.” This means that boaters who wish to get from point “A” to point “B” may be allowed with no wake to motor through the event area with the permission of the Patrol Commander. You will either be escorted or allowed to idle with no wake to your destination. There will be a moving event line at the rear of the last float team. You may ask permission at that point or, if you are entering the safety zone from inside the safety zone, you may be stopped by law enforcement to get permission from the Patrol Commander. The event area has always been a no wake zone, but people seemed to think it was cool to fly by the floaters, splash them and make wakes. So, now we have a “Safety Zone.” Unnecessary traffic will not be permitted: Such as “I just want to go in and have a look.” If you are entering the Safety Zone to pick up participants, just ask for permission from the Patrol Commander and remember that it is a NO WAKE SAFETY ZONE.

More stuff on boats: Vessels will be permitted to float with their group that is floating. You may tie ONE VESSEL to your groups’ floats. Multiple boats tied together are not permitted. IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED BY THE US COAST GUARD THAT THE TYPE OF VESSEL BE A JET BOAT. Prop boats are very dangerous in a setting such as this. Should a prop boat be used, you may not start the motor within 20 feet of floaters. All participants should be registered for this event and the operator of the vessel should not be drinking alcoholic beverages.

Now, for the life jackets. Our rules state that all participants need to wear a life jacket. It’s been like this for 35 years. If your float suddenly deflates and you start to sink, you will want your life jacket in case there is no assist vessel in the proximity of your sinking float. The Bureau of Reclamation will be releasing more water than normal. This will speed up the current and if you become separated from your float and you have been drinking, you may have a hard time being reunited with your group. Have it at hand and if you’re asked to put it on by law enforcement, do it.

TRASH TALK: Very simply put, AND VERY SERIOUSLY: you bring it in; you take it out!

We will be providing trash bags at the launch of the float. Assist Vessels will have trash bags on hand. There will be a few PWC’s checking on people to pick up trash bags. You have brought all your stuff and you need to make sure you take it all out. Put your “empties” back into the cooler and empty it in an appropriate trash receptacle. Republic Services/Allied Waste is one of our wonderful sponsors and they have donated two dumpsters that will be located at the Cienega Springs launch ramp. Leave the glass at home as it is not “River-Friendly.” Our river deserves respect; don’t trash it. Littering laws will be strictly enforced during this event. And, being on a federal waterway, you won’t want to get that fine as it could be enormous.

MORE TRASH TALK: You know those big floats that are left abandoned in the river because you’re too drunk to take them out and quite possibly, you just don’t care: You need to take them out. Period. Abandoned floats will not be tolerated. In the past, couches, van seats, a toilet and other large items have been pulled from the river. If you can’t haul it out; don’t bring it. Be responsible for your trash.

If you are entering a float in the event you will need to send a picture of it to:

EXIT POINT: This year we have created an exit point at Cienega Springs Launch Ramp. It will be manned by the Red Cross. River Express Shuttle and Taxi will be running shuttles up and down the river road and from BlueWater Resort & Casino, River’s Edge Cantina.

MORE ON EXITING THE RIVER: DO NOT EXIT THE RIVER ONTO PRIVATE PROPERTY! If you have an emergency and need to get off the river you need to get assistance from a law enforcement vessel or an assist vessel. If you happen to be invited onto private property, please don’t linger for hours. The event safety zone will close at 3 pm. You need to be to the casino by then or off the water.

Now, let’s get to the fun part! We want you to have the best time of your life on this float! So here are a few tips so that your day is amazing. Remember to bring water and drink it. Hydrating is essential when in the sun for extended periods of time. It will really help if you have been drinking alcohol, too. Sun and alcohol with no food or water is a disaster waiting to happen. So please be good to yourselves and eat breakfast, bring food, stop at Badenoch’s. Big Breakfast Burritos will be available at the launch by La Paz Economic Development Corporation.

Sunscreen is a must. When you’re on the water, the sun reflects off the water and you can be highly susceptible to sun stroke, heat stroke, etc… Hats are always a good idea as well. Don’t forget water shoes for when you exit the river. The ground is really hot.

It’s almost always windy in the afternoon of the Tube Float. Here’s a tip to get some drag: Take a half-gallon or gallon milk jug and fill it with water. Cap it and tie it to your float. This will create a “drag’’ in the current and help to move you along better. Otherwise, you’ll just be fluttering on top of the water in the wind. Remember to put that milk jug into the proper trash receptacle upon exiting the river.

Okay, we hope you all have great fun and will respect the river, our volunteers and law enforcement as well as each other. You’re all here for the same reason, to have fun. So let’s have some fun.

Thanks for reading this as we are held to certain laws, rules and guidelines as the event organizer. Have fun!

REGISTERING FOR THE EVENT:  Registering online is easy! Just go to www.parkerfun.com. We lowered the registration fee to $10 per person and you can pick up your wrist bands prior to the launch of the event. Just register and give us a little time to process the order and we can have your wristbands ready for you.


  1. Hello Chamber of Commerce staff – my friends and I are attempting to be legal and pay your registration fee for the float on Sat, however, the web site you have posted here,


    does not come up and allow us to register!

    Further, we are more than happy to support this Chamber event by registering, however, we have more than 20 people as well as our own support boat and think that $10 p/person, especially since a lot of our partcipants are our children, is a bit much – do you happen to have a group rate that is more frugal for our team? We are just floating casually…

    thank you for your anticipated response,


    Jayme Adamson

  2. Hi Jaymie!
    We did have a problem this morning with the cart. However it is up and running now. All of your children 15 and under can float for free. Just make sure you enter their names in the box as the guardian or parent. We will supply wristbands for them and they can be entered for the drawing at the end. We have some really great prizes! Please delete your cookies and empty temporary Internet files and try again. If that is not working please call our office at 928 669-2174. Thank you so much Jaymie for supporting our event. We want everyone to have fun.
    Mary Hamilton

  3. Hi my name is Sam, I have been going to the tube float for the past 4 years and seen alot f people that build their own, we built ours this year with 55 pound plastic barrels that are securely strapped. I put an entire week of hard work into this and want to be sure we will be able to bring it. All this talk on strong regulations this year has me worried that they will tell us no when we get there! We are promisingly going to take it out at the end cuz we plan on using it for next year. If we have to pay to have it out there we will! Please let me know ASAP

  4. Samantha,

    Thank you for your comment. We asked that people not use barrels this year because so many floats were abandoned last year, causing a serious issue with our lower damn. However, we also know there are responsible people out there, like yourself, who respect our river. Please forward a picture of your float and the order number of your registration to and we’ll forward you an approval. Thank you again. Can’t wait to see your float!

  5. Hi Jamie,

    We have a house between patria flats and pirates on the az side and always float with the group in our pontoon boat. If we are going to do that like last year, does everyone in our group need to be registered and wearing a life vest? We never compete but float with the other tubers, along with a few tubes tied up to us. We love this event and have been attending for years. Any info to help me understand the new changes would be great, especially in regards to non-competing, floating boat participants!


  6. Kurtis,

    Yes, everyone in the boat must have a wristband in order to be in the event whether you are competing or not. Our online registration has closed but you can still come in to the Chamber of Commerce to register and get your wristbands. Otherwise, registration booths will be set up tomorrow at the La Paz County Park at 7am but I think for your situation, it would be more efficient to come to the Chamber today. Our location is 1217 California Ave., across from the Ford Motor Company in the town of Parker. As for life vests, you just need to have them on your boat. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    -Jamie Lee

  7. I also could not register online I started later I just saw post about deleting cookies so my question is this is my first year will I have to pay the 40.00 on Sat registration if your website was down and elwe couldn’t do it early please let me know as our funds are limited

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