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A heartwarming, funny look at our tech-savvy society.

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Someone great once said, ‘Great movie reviews always come in pairs.’ Okay, you got me: no-one ever said that. But here on Parker Live, hot on the heels of Josh Savino’s review of Epic comes Keith Moses’ review of The Internship, playing at BlueWater Cinemas this week. Enjoy!


KEITH: This movie reunites Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, last seen crashing weddings in the early 2000s.

This time, they are recently unemployed salesmen who find that the world has moved ahead too quickly and they are not ready for today’s job market. It’s a familiar fish-out-of-water / underdog-does-well story, but it’s the chemistry of the two leads that carries the movie.

The underlying theme of disconnect by the tech savvy youth of today is all too familiar with today’s parents; Vaughn and Wilson do appear older but wiser in showing the youthful cast around them that the world is a great place to see once you put your phone or laptop down and enjoy it…

There are a lot of laughs, with the addition of some surprising gentleness from Vaughn and Wilson in their interactions with their youthful counterparts.

All in all, it’s not another Wedding Crashers but its a heartwarming, funny look at our society today and – as a child of the 80s myself – it hit home with me.

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