Man of Steel

One of the big summer blockbusters this year, Man of Steel is a reboot of the Superman franchise produced by Christopher Nolan (the force behind the latest Batman films and Inception). Now, here’s Keith Moses’s review of the film, now playing at BlueWater Cinemas.


KEITH: Finally! Superman gets a movie worthy of the Man of Steel. Kevin Costner take on Pa Kent is his best work lately. The focus is solely on Henry Cavill who, as Kal El, the last survivor of Krypton, carves his own nitch as the new Man of Steel.

Choosing to show Clark’s childhood in flashback style, the film moves the story right along and plays like a comic book film should.

The action is non-stop once the antagonist General Zod, played by Michael Shannon, makes his appearance.

The movie focuses mainly on Superman and leaves us wondering more about his alter-ego Clark Kent, who shows up just in time to make us wish for Man of Steel 2. This movie does deal with death and a lot of violence which earns it PG-13 rating, so beware parents: this is not your Christopher Reeve Superman.

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