Viewfinder: Incident north of Parker

A golf cart reportedly rolled over July 4th north of Parker, causing several injuries to patients who were airlifted to metro hospitals. Agencies including River Medical, Care Flight and Native Air attended the scene. Photos by Michael Collins.

UPDATE: Some more information on this incident from a neighbor who lives nearby –

“Regarding the golf cart accident on the 4th of July – at least 6 people were heading to the river from the top row of houses in MVE. A short ways down the steep hill, a wheel came off the golf cart, causing it to roll, spilling the riders out and causing minor to major injures. 3 patients were flown out by medical helicopte; 2 children and 1 adult. The adult had the worse injuries and required surgery and an extended hospital stay. Children were treated and released. The last I heard the adult who was hurt is doing better. They were weekenders from Cali, and had the house next to mine.”

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  1. I sure hope everyone survived. Did anyone get pictures of the ultra light that crashed into the wires near Echo Lodge on Monday morning?

  2. I heard about it but couldn’t get any more details. Anyone know anything more?

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