Grown Ups 2

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Not funny.

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Grown Ups 2 is one of this summer’s big comedies starring Adam Sandler and a cast of funnymen, and begins today at BlueWater Cinemas in Parker. Now, here’s Movie Man Keith Moses’ review of the film!


KEITH: Oh, where to start. Let me preface this by saying that I am an Adam Sandler fan! I love his movies; if only he had made one this time…

This plays like a series of bad SNL skits with no real payoff in laughs.

When Taylor Laughtner is one of the funniest people in a movie that features Sandler, Rock, James and Spade, there is something very wrong. Their initial confrontation is the best part of this movie.

There’s the usual fart, spewing and bathroom humor that we come to expect in a Sandler movie but it’s all just… not very funny.

I’m always amazed at how Sandler gets a PG-13 rating – “Not for young kids” – not for anyone really! This movie falls flat.

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