Storm brings power outage, damage

11:30am– A summer storm, bringing high winds and heavy rain, thunder and lightning, arrived in the town of Parker at around 11:20am Friday. Power was lost for some APS customers at around the same time. Trees came down and KLPZ 1380am went off the air.


11:38am– Parker residents are reporting damage to buildings. Power still out to much of the town.

11:42am– The gazebo / bandstand at Pop Harvey Park, a well-known feature for many decades, has reportedly collapsed after a tree fell and destroyed it. Reports of flooding in homes and workplaces.


11:47– The worst of the storm appears to have passed through the town of Parker now. Rain continues but most of the storm front has moved on. Motorists are reminded to avoid driving into flooded washes. People who need help should call 911.

11:51– Phones down at the CRIT complex and maybe elsewhere.

11:57– Roofing ripped off at least one building. At least one vehicle window broken out by a falling tree on 9th Street.

See the followup HERE.


  1. No problems in the keys. Not much rain. Power is still on.

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