To The Editor: New PHS administration?


“Apparently the sudden change in administration at our local high schoool is not newsworthy? I saw the posted minutes of the July 23rd special meeting noting the sudden new administration. I still trust journalists to get us the message or do we just go by gossip and hearsay. – D.S.”

Thanks for your question D.S. You must be referring to the recent appointment of Paul Olson as Principal of Parker High School along with David Daly as Vice-Principal.

Parker Unified School District Superintendent Jim Lotts says the change was made when the Principal for the past 13 years, Leroy Shontz, “had to step aside for medical reasons.”

Lotts adds: “Paul Olson has been Associate Principal for the past 3 years, and has been with the District for 13 years.”

Sorry we missed this, D.S.! Hope this answers your question.


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