To The Editor: Tortoise Homecoming


Just want to thank you for your efforts with our stolen tortoise. Because of your article on Parker Live, Quartzsite Paper also picked up the story and ran it. Well, after 3 1/2 months, we found Taxie! Eureka!

The man that had Taxie stated someone who had found her on the other side of the railroad tracks in Big River and near the new school had sold it to him for $25. The man was gracious enough to return her to us. He was amazed at how big she was and how much she ate. We are so thankful to him!

She looked a little beat up and dirty; however, when we brought her home she went directly to her house. Has spent some time in the house but today she ventured out all over the yard. I think she’s remembering. Thank you for all you did in getting the word out.

Grateful forever.
George and Jo

This relates to the original story HERE where Taxie, a rare 40-pound tortoise, was taken right out of its owners’ yard in Big River. Glad we could help, George and Jo!

For those curious about the African spurred tortoise, CLICK HERE.

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