Site outage: due to popularity!


That’s right: Parker Live’s extended outage over the weekend was caused by too many people wanting to check the site for updates on Friday afternoon.

In the rush for information about the APS power outage, Parker Live servers blew up and – because it was affecting other websites hosted on the same server – our hosting provider InMotion pulled Parker Live off the internet.

(For the tech-savvy: We’ll now be using better page caching to prevent this from happening again. That will allow us to have less impact on InMotion’s server during our peak traffic, and will improve site uptime.)

Meantime, check out Aly Tozer’s great progress! We’re so happy she’s recovering so well from a double lung transplant. Hope everybody had a great and fun weekend – Parker was a busy place with the ‘end of summer’ rapidly approaching and families having their fun before kids head back to school. Labor Day weekend is coming up!

For the update on Alyson Tozer, click

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