Mendoza harassment injunction dismissed

Parker Police Chief Rodney Mendoza had a harassment injunction against him dismissed in court today.

The court found that the plaintiff, Lorrie Thompson, had not satisfied the burden of proof in the case. Thompson had alleged that Mendoza was sexually harassing her, including by text message, by phone and in person.

The Lake Havasu Consolidated Courts dismissed the injunction without hearing Mendoza’s case.

Mendoza’s attorney Michael Frame commented, “Chief Mendoza did not have to present his case due to the insufficiency of Lorrie Thompson’s testimony and lack of evidence.”


  1. I was there and all I will say now is appeal anticipated…

  2. What type of lovers quarrel we got going on here?

  3. It amazes me how people who work in the public eye place themselves in situations like this. Why would a funeral director and a police chief even be involved in such allegations of misconduct? Shame on both of them! Go back to Ethics class!

  4. Launa- That’s an interesting comparison to Filner. Filner’s harassment allegations are about things that happened at work with other employees. The question is whether the evidence suggests Mendoza was merely participating as one-half of a series of two-way interactions. In that case, harassment would not have been proven, and I believe that may have been the reason for yesterday’s decision. (Unlike Filner, whose conduct seems to indicate repeated one-way statements and advances without participation from the other party.)

  5. LOL @ Yazzie, recommendations of ethics classes from a guy in and out of trouble with the law. If you could read you would notice the topic was harassment, which infers unwanted conduct.

  6. Launa, he certainly didn’t have an affair with me. Unwanted physical contact, thus the shove. I don’t see Attorney Frame’s comment on here. I was going to ask him the relevance of the alleged Animal Shelter donation. That still baffles me. I’m not trying to upset his wife, like I’ve said I almost did not report this for 3 reasons, 1) my husband’s job, 2) shoot the messenger syndrome, and 3) I truly in no way want his wife hurt by it. I’d want to know the truth if it were my husband doing this though so, that’s what tipped the scale there. John is right too, no pun intended, my seeking answers from him for his bizarre behavior is what got the Injunction overturned. It made for a shocking taped insight into the mind of someone who truly only thinks about himself though.

  7. Love comments from people hiding behind fake profiles 🙂

  8. To john And to whomever isn’t reading every post. Bottom line a funeral director and police chief have to come in contact. But the police chief does not have to shut his office door and kiss the funeral director. Several texts from him asking for contact. Emails from him. She was NOT a participant on this by her will and this is directly the same as pilner in San Diego. And Lorrie Thompson is a subordinates WIFE!!! That is against all az post regulations period!! It also is against the law . You may want to brush up on the law where all this is concerned. Second off what part of Lorrie has a tape of all this and other evidence did you not understand. The sheriffs dept has it all. So I would try to not stick up for Mendoza to much until you have seen all the evidence. And at least Lorrie is paying all her own bills and not hiding behind the town. And there is also at least two (ill call it alledged) AFFAIRS with a subordinate and a boss. So don’t try to make him look like this was reciprocated on any way. Injunction may be dropped but that’s because a justice judge is elected and doesn’t even have to have any law experience. A superior court judge would not of allowed a bunch of bull to come in. Mendozas attorney only attacked Lorrie not defend Mendoza. That says alot. Bottom line. The proof will come out and hopefully to every news organization there is.

  9. And also Mendoza is married ( not that it has stopped him before ). So are you condoning adultery ? Once again maybe you should watch what you say on the matter. I know the physical proof and you don’t !!

  10. And Sonnie read my post also. It was not mutual and police chiefs and funeral directors HAVE to have contact because of their jobs for obvious reasons. So shame on chief but not Lorrie. Like I have said 100 times. Wait till you see and hear the proof . You’ll see she was a victim. Her husband is a SGT for that dept so the chief is trying to do this to a subordinates wife

  11. I sure hope Thompson has copies of her alleged evidence. I wouldn’t trust ANYONE at the la paz county sheriff’s circus further than I could spit.

  12. I do, Jack. I have learned from my unfortunate experiences with law enforcement. That is why I carried a tape recorder. His own words will be his undoing. Sonny, maybe since I am not the manager at the funeral home anymore you can be unbanned from the building.

  13. Launa- Who’s defending? I merely said that from the evidence seen by the Havasu court, it’s not so easy to make the comparison to Filner. Read into that whatever you like, but it was a simple observation. I don’t have a horse in this race. :/

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