Boat hit and run: have you seen this boat?


UPDATE 2: The boat and operator have reportedly been identified.

UPDATE: A $500 reward has been offered for identification of the boat or operator.

The owner of a pontoon boat allegedly crashed the boat into a private dock and then made off, according to the property owner.

The boat sustained damage (above) and would be easy to spot, say observers. The incident happened at around 9:30 a.m. and then the operator of the boat reportedly headed north before he could be stopped.

“If anyone here in Parker knows of or sees a pontoon boat that is smashed up in the front please let us know!” said Brandy Martin, owner of the property. “They caused about $5000 worth of damage, also we just had kids here playing on the dock and swimming in front of it, thankfully no-one got hurt.”

La Paz County Sheriff’s Department is reportedly looking for the boat owner and can be contacted by calling (928) 669-6141.

More photographs below.

photo (2)

photo (3)


  1. the boat might have come from Emerald Cove

  2. Yep… I agree check Emerald Cove… But he probably pulled it out of the water. I’d check through the park…

  3. Are these actual pictures of suspect?

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