Vice Mayor serves wife of former Town cop with injunction against harassment


An altercation that occurred after a Town of Parker council meeting has led to a court injunction and potential charges.

Tiffany Dunlap told Parker Live she was involved in an altercation with Vice Mayor Christine Boatwright, who Dunlap claims followed her to her car after the meeting.

“Her husband was parked behind me,” Dunlap said. “There were words exchanged. She was telling me she understands how I feel. I told her, ‘You have no idea how I feel.'”

Dunlap’s husband Scott was formerly an officer with the Parker Police Department. His employment ended several years ago when Chief Rodney Mendoza reportedly initiated disciplinary procedures against him and some other employees for breaches of ethics codes, something Mendoza himself now faces.

Dunlap said she blamed Boatwright and other Town council members for what happened and that Boatwright knew this and had started the interaction with her after the meeting.

“Why didn’t she just get in her car?” Dunlap said. “She was pointing her finger in my face and yelling.”

The altercation reportedly escalated when Scott intervened. Boatwright forcefully grabbed his arm during the incident, according to Dunlap. Officer Maria Torres was on the scene to record what happened.

“She is being charged with disordely conduct,” Dunlap says.

Boatwright also sought legal remedy in the aftermath of the episode. Dunlap says she was served with an injunction against harassment filed by Boatwright and signed by a judge.

Chief Mendoza was placed on administrative leave earlier the same evening as an investigation into allegations of harassment is conducted to determine whether there was any wrongdoing. Mendoza fought an injunction granted against him and won, resulting in the injunction being dismissed.


  1. From what I’ve read shouldn’t the Injunction have been filed against the Vice Mayor not Tiffany…….

  2. Yes Suzanne, but when the vice mayor went into court she lied to the judge. Parker police videotaped Ms Boatwright and it clearly shows Tiffany is the victim. Ms boatwright started the whole thing. She came to me first and then took off after Tiffany when Tiffany walked away, then she went after Scott grabbing his arm. That is harassment on Tiffany and I and assault on Scott. Isn’t it against the law to lite to the judge?

  3. At least a law enforcement agency is willing to pursue charges against the Vice Mayor. Lord knows no one is willing to against a police chief. Keep up the good work, Acting Chief Romo. Please don’t ever forget you are the protector of the citizens like Mr. Mendoza did. Like I’ve said before, the agency is only as good as its leader and it looks as if you would be a good one. Incidentally, I did not drop my pursuit of the criminal case as is being stated around town. No one had the guts to take it on. One agency is only interested in their lawsuit against the Town, another in what families I have been kind to as part of my work, and DPS was not given my case by the Town Manager, they were given something else to distract them. So they, unfortunately had to decline taking the my case. They have been very kind though. Thank you, DPS.

  4. Judge “bobble head”, I mean the “honorable” Charlene Shontz-Weis needs to go in the next election. She is a disgrace to the robe and her knowledge of the law would fit in a thimble. She actually ruled that running a background check on someone who had physically assaulted me warranted the perpetrator getting a harassment injunction against me! Seems to be a pattern developing here. And Weis was unfamiliar with the case law on digitus impudicus and the 1st Amendment so she gave the same person an injunction against my husband for quietly holding his coffee cup with his middle finger while this person stuck a large camera about 2 inches from his face. Then the injunctions against harassment were used to harass us further. After all, this person works for a publication whose publisher considers it to be my competition. I kid you not, a ten foot pole was brought to a Quartzsite Council meeting so that when I walked to the podium to speak, I was allegedly within the prohibited distance and faced potential arrest for violating Weis’ order. If it is true that the minimum legal requirements for the injunction were not met, then a written complaint to the Judicial Review Board is in order.

  5. Don’t let the actions of one council members affect your view of the whole council, to say have a clean slate and start fresh, that’s exactly what my mother wanted to do and that is why she ran. She was just elected and started in June, so we are partially on the path to a clean slate but please don’t say fire them all, that is generalizing and including her in your generalization.

  6. Also let me point out that Vivian Hartless is an outstanding person and if you ever need anything you can go directly to her and she will take time out of her busy day to listen to you and hear what you have to say.

  7. Carissa, your mother is indeed a wonderful person who really does CARE about people. A rare thing these days it seems. I don’t think anyone meant she needed to go, I think the comment was directed to those who have been on the Council a bit too long. They seem to forget that they are there to serve the citizens of Parker. And I have to agree, Parker is turning into Quartzsite…

  8. Oh and Tiffany Dunlap is a former Parker Police Department officer herself by the way. That omission has been bugging me.

  9. Yes Carissa, your mother is great. Council needs her most definitely.

  10. Being an old cowboy this ain’t my first rodeo. Local politics that is. Its amazing how you all make these kinda things personal. You should all be ashamed of yourselves! Grow up and get a life and worry about the real problems in the world. Jennifer Jones should be more worried about caring for her pit bulls instead of stickin her nose wear it dont belong! What is it they say. Dont throw stones at a glass house and you better look in the mirror once is a while. But then you probably wont like what you see.

  11. At least you call it like you see it Shane.

  12. Fascinating that “Sam Sheppard” allegedly of Quartzsite, created a brand new FB account on August 28th just to post on this story…coincidence?

    In other news, this injunction has been reportedly dismissed. Can you confirm john?

  13. Ha ha Sam Sheppard you were great in that movie Roadhouse. Can you please be a little more obvious you fake ass troll.

  14. So Sam Sheppard are you really chief Gilbert?
    Who are you really since you sure aren’t the actor you are pretending to be?
    Amazing how you Quartzsite town government goons spend so much time on the taxpayers dime playing troll games on social media.

  15. @Sam Sheppard, Please could you have been a little better at hiding the fact that “Sam Sheppard” isn’t your true name nor is it original. You sir, show your asinine backside to the world when making a statement about not throwing stones, yet you bash Jennifer Jones about something you clearly do not know about or in the “know”. The local governments of Parker and Quartzsite have in the past and present made choices that are very much personal to those in both cities.

  16. Whoever Sam is, he friend requested me. I thought he was my buddy, Paterson since he didn’t attack me, just Jennifer. 😉

  17. I didn’t think an old cowboy like me could could cause so many people to squat on their spurs! Yeah you caught me Jennifer Jones, I thought you had to have a facebook page to talk on these kind of things. Always been afraid of the computer but I’m getting the hang of it. Do it right or get off the horse. Mr. Abbey you’re not much a movie buff I take it. I think that was Sam Elliot in the movie Roadhouse, but thanks for the compliment you fake ass wannabe! Telling a man to go to hell and makin’ him do it are two different propositions. Hi Ho Silver!

  18. Miss Lorrie, can we still be friends?

  19. I only accept friend requests from people I know, Mr. Sheppard. So… do I know you?

  20. Back on topic…

    So would this mean the Vice-Mayor would also no longer be on the Town Council too? Since the Injunction Application was bogus, I assume that was why it was dismissed by the plaintiff. I would also assume that possible criminal charges against the plaintiff precipitated the resignation. Isn’t the Town of Parker glad they didn’t listen to this particular person regarding putting Sgt. Thompson on Admin Leave and firing him?

  21. I know I’m still off topic Miss Lorri but you may want to stay away from that Jennifer Jones. You know what they say, guilt by association! She will take any credibility you have and wash it down her sewer hook up drain. If she had one.

  22. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black” Sam”…

  23. This is crazy. The Vice-Mayor assaults 2 previous Parker cops in the parking lot of town hall and she steps down as Vice-Mayor and not off the council completely? WTF?? Is there a recall happening??

  24. Thanks Sam but, I can take care of myself. John Riverat, yes there is going to be a recall. It’s in the works now.

  25. It Appears You All (Most) Lost Focus. We Are All Out Of High School. Act Like It. DoYou All Wish For Your Children To See You act This Way? It Boils Down To One Woman, Who Shows she Has No Class Or Ability To Function Under Any form of “Pressure”, Verbally Harass Someone Who Obviously Chose To attempt To Avoid This Conflict. If you willingly obtain a position within the public eye, or choose to stand by someone who obtains a position in the public eye, you must step up to the plate and act like a grown up. so everyone quit nitpicking at each other, and be the people you want your children to be.

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