Quartzsite newspaper publisher in spat with Town over pit bulls


Jennifer ‘Jade’ Jones, dog groomer and publisher of the Desert Freedom Press in Quartzsite, is engaged in a war of words with the Town of Quartzsite after the Town says it sent law enforcement agents to inspect her property.

A Town of Quartzsite press release, which calls her a “local tabloid blogger”, says Jones was in violation of some Quartzsite laws, including “operating a dog kennel that is not in compliance with the laws of Quartzsite.”

The press release continues:

“The Jones’ have been residing as renters at the Rice Ranch RV Park, and have been operating at least one business at this location. None of Jones’ businesses are legally permitted to operate within the Town of Quartzsite. After requests to inspect the RV site were refused, Quartzsite authorities obtained and served an Inspection Warrant late Thursday afternoon.”

The press release says the Town found more than 15 pit bull dogs in kennels in a mobile unit, and that there was an “overwhelming stench and very hot conditions inside”.

Jones says the press release “contains blatantly false and libelous statements intended to cast doubt upon [her] proper treatment of animals” and that she has operated a “highly respected pet grooming and pet sitting business for 13 years”.

She continues:

“If the search of my travel trailer revealed any evidence that the dogs were being mistreated I would have been cited or arrested on the spot. I believe this warrant was nothing more than a fishing expedition for that very purpose and based on false statements made to the court by sworn affidavit – a felony crime. I believe the fact that I was not cited or arrested is because the Town does not have the jurisdiction that they claim.”

The pit bulls are bred by Jones for shows, she says. “I showed many of them to champion status with two different dog registries before the Town’s officials tied me up with court dates by filing over 620 separate false counts against me in roughly a two year period. I make no secret of the fact that I own several dogs, it’s common knowledge. All charges were dropped ‘in the interest of justice’, or I was acquitted.”

The Town of Quartzsite and Mrs. Jones have not had an amicable relationship for many years. In 2011, a video showing Jones being ejected from a town council meeting for expressing her opinions at the podium while the Mayor objected went viral on the internet and led to nationwide interest in the feuding in the town.

The Town says it will be issuing citations for the violations it found on Jones’ property. Jones says her attorney will be filing damage claims against the Town for “harassment under color of authority.”


  1. http://tinyurl.com/brunomustgo

    They are obviously becoming more desperate in their attempts to find something, anything to discredit me. It is retaliation for the content of my articles, like the one about Police Chief Mendoza? Or is it because my lawsuits are moving toward a very public trial in Federal Court in Phoenix and I wont accept hush money?

    The Quartzsite Judge had the good sense not to sign the search warrant, but the Parker Judge did. Either Putz-Artrup didn’t look up the Town Code for Quartzsite and the Zoning definition listed to see if they even applied as stated by Quartzsite officials, or he knew better and issued the search warrant anyways.

    I will be filing perjury charges over the affidavits for the warrant, I’m working on putting all the evidence with the complaints rights now.

    See also: http://lawoftheland.wordpress.com/2012/02/27/ct-supreme-court-explains-fourth-amendment-rights-in-zoning-violation-searches/

    Notice that the Town has not shown the photos they took on a cool, post monsoon afternoon…Both swamp coolers were on (it was cooler in the trailer than the RV) and there was no odor, except maybe outside where the oriental style rug releases a musty smell every time it rains. Oh, I did detect the odor of “bacon”, see photo above…

  2. I just read about a woman severely mauled in an RV park.. She did not receve any assistance with her medical bills from the pitbull’s owner as the RV owners are not covered with liability insurance for their dogs and the parks claim they are not liable either as people visiting sign a waiver.. GET THESE dogs out before some one is horribly injured. Kudos to the town and the mayor for not wanting this riff raff around.

  3. http:www.pitbullattackhelp.com The event started in Arizona last year is growing .. They have pitbull victims coming from around the country, speakers, live music, food and refreshments, moon walk bounce tent and slide for the kids, games and free entertainment and activities inside and out.

  4. http:www.pitbullattackhelp.com Wrong address above left out backslashes.

    Photos of woman mauled at RV PARK.. http://blog.dogsbite.org/2013/08/east-texas-woman-severely-mauled-by-pit-bull-at-dog-friendly-rv-park.html

  5. So Tony you post some anti pitbull crap and say kudos to the town. stop blaming a breed for the mistreatment caused by owners. Jones’ dogs are not a danger to anyone. The only rabid beasts here are the town government.

  6. Tony you have absolutely NO idea what the Hall you are talking about!!!!! Pit bulls are NOT bad dogs!!! It is NOT a breed issue the issue is stupid ass people who do not teach their dogs and that’s not just pit bulls ALL dogs no matter their breed can bite or hurt someone! I feel sorry for you that you are completely blinded but what you hear and are not indicated to what wonderful and beautiful dogs the pit bull breed are. I have 2 who are the best dogs I have EVER had and I also have 3 young kids that they are great with I have never had any trouble with my pits or any other I have come in contact with. My dog has went after one person and it was a stranger who tried stepping in my house when my daughter answered the door… that is a damn good dog!

  7. Educated*

  8. Tony – You are showing how ignorant you are. Pitbulls are not bad, people are bad. Jennifer’s dogs are good dogs and do not cause any problems. For you to call her riff raff is not right. You don’t even know her. I am a pitbull lover. I have never seen or personally know of any pitbull attacks. All the dog attacks that I have witnessed are from small breads, Labs & germam Shepards. I dont see people having events for the people who have been mauled by those breeds. In fact I was just told that the breed with the highest amount of attacks on humans is the lab.

  9. The timing of this harassment sure is pretty coincidental as Jennifer helped break the story throughout the state about Mendoza (Chief Gilbert’s best buddy) being placed on Administrative Leave. Jennifer is a true lover of animals so no way in heck is any of this true. Chiefs of Police need more oversight in this state. Period. They can’t be recalled or voted out like Sheriffs can so it seems to be easier for them to get on a power trip.

  10. Sourcing any given statistic on dog bites is surprisingly difficult, as assurance of accuracy. The motivation of the providing source must be considered as well as the fact that many sources derive their data from news reports instead of county health records. Only about half of the dog bites reported as “pit bulls” actually are, as many mixed breed dogs are called “pit bulls”. Also, many studies quoted each other’s data as a premise for their own.

    “Fatal Dog Attacks in the US, from 1965-2001”, analyzed 431 cases over 35 years: 10% involved leashed dogs or misc. circumstances – 17% resulted from attacks by dogs roaming off their owners’ property – 73% involved dogs within the boundaries of the owners’ property – (25% chained dogs, 25% dogs in yard, and 23% dogs inside the home)

    In 75% of dog bites resulting in fatalities the dogs were not chained, and yet this has been frequently cited by animal rights proponents to cause aggression. (At least a chained dog can’t chase you!) I could find no controlled study to substantiate a statement that chained dogs are 2.8 times more likely to bite. Based on my research, that’s a specious assumption.

    Derived from “Which dogs bite? A case-control study of risk factors” (Pediatrics 1994) which uses only 178 hand picked cases out of 991 reported bites,I would have to say that this study has no scientific merit whatsoever because, as one of my peers stated: “The study uses one of the most UN-reliable methods there is: Survey. Worse, sampler bias can be introduced to the study because samplers know which are control dogs and which are study dogs. They admit that Chows and GSDs are most common, and then announce that these two breeds are responsible for most of the bites! Worse, they rely on the owner’s id of the breed, even in mixed breeds.…”

    Additionally, the study specifically states that “Bite report forms indicated (dog bites) 51 (51.5%) took place on the sidewalk, street, alley or playground…;30 (29.7%)in the owner’s yard;14(13.9%) in the owner’s house; and 4 (4%) in the victims yard.” And data on whether the bites were PROVOKED was NOT systematically reported.

    Further, it goes on to state: “Biting dogs were significantly more likely to reside in homes with one or more children (less than age ten) and to be chained while in the yard. Of the 83 dogs chained while in the yard (cases plus controls), 44 (53%) had growled or snapped at visitors to the house. It seems to me that given the ridiculously small sampling (178 cases out of a national dog population that easily exceeds 60 million), lack of both numerator and denominator for containment figures, failure to separate tethering from the presence of children as contributing factors and control group methodology, I personally feel it would be a far more adequate conclusion that the contributing factor in tethered dog bites is unattended children.

    Fatal Dog Attacks appears to support my assumption, stating that: 68% of fatalities were inflicted by a single dog, 79% of victims were children under the age of 12, 09% were ages 13-64 years old, 12% were elderly, 65-94 years old. Children under the age of one year accounted for the highest number of dog bite fatalities, at 19%. Over 95% of these deaths occurred when an infant was left unsupervised! The group with the second highest number of fatalities was 2 year olds, at 11%. Over 87% of these fatalities occurred when the child was left unsupervised! Boys, ages 1-12 years old were 2.5 times more likely to be the victims of a fatal attack than girls of the same age. Of the 28 single dogs responsible for a fatal attack between 200-2001, 26 were males and only 2 were females.

    The Fatal Dog Attacks study concludes, “While at times informative, statistics on fatal dog attacks can also be misleading. For example, a number of cases where a Pit Bull, Rottweiler or German Shepherd Dog were counted as causing a human fatality, in reality the direct result was from gross human negligence or criminal intent”. (Hmmm…you don’t say?)

    The American Veterinary Medical Association publication Vet Med Today: Special Report, also compared DBRF (dog bite related fatality) statistics, collected from 1971-1998. Their findings were similar but the percentage of chained dogs dropped significantly. 19% resulted from attacks by dogs roaming off their owners’ property – 67% involved unrestrained dogs on the owner’ property – 11% involved restrained dogs on the owners’ property – 4% involved restrained dogs off the owners’ property – 67% were single dog attacks

    “Some breed information was reported for all 27 attacks. As in recent years, Rottweilers were the most commonly reported breed involved in fatal attacks, followed by pit bull-type dogs.” (What was the criteria to determine ”type” when even ”pit bull” is a slang term that may include several breeds?) “The denominator of a dog breed specific human DBRF rate requires reliable breed-specific data. Unfortunately, such data are not currently available.” Ninety cases were in fact, excluded from the overall study because the breed involved could not even be determined.

    A study by Pickney and Kennedy (Pediatrics 1982) listing DBRF from May of 1975 through April of 1980 lists German Shepherd Dogs as the #1 killer for that time period, Husky type dog second and Saint Bernard third. “Indeed since 1975, dogs belonging to more than 30 breeds have been responsible for fatal attacks on people, including Dachshunds, a Yorkshire Terrier, and a Labrador Retriever.”

    This article also discusses nonfatal dog bite statistics. In 1994, 1.8% of the population reported a dog bite, but only 0.3% of the population sought medical care. Citing a “36% increase in medically attended dog bites from 1986 to 1994 draws attention to the need for an effective response, including dog bite prevention programs. Because fatal bites constitute less than 0.00001% of all dog bites annually, fatal bites have remained relatively constant over time, whereas nonfatal bites have been increasing.

    Pertinent to this discussion is the conclusion that un-neutered males are responsible for a disproportionate amount of dog attacks. Again, exact numbers of altered versus un-altered dogs are needed within a given study population to make an accurate evaluation and it must be taken in consideration that un-neutered males are more inclined to roam. Neutering dogs has never been proven to stop learned or innate aggressive behavior, but it does make them less likely to roam.

    In “ISSUES REGARDING CASTRATION IN DOGS” (BREEDERVET ©2003), Mary Wakeman DVM writes “Politically correct conventional wisdom is not necessarily biologically correct. Also, old wives tales regarding testicles and behavioral matters are often just that. The only true justifications for castrating dogs are 1) aggressive behavior toward other dogs in the same household, and 2) perianal adenoma in old dogs. Aggression to other dogs in situations outside the house is pretty normal dog behavior. Appropriate behavior. Since your dog will be on lead or inside a secure fence at all times, there should be no problem with dogs outside your household. However, if male house mates fight, and both need to stay with you, castration of one or both may solve the aggression problems.

    If you fault your dog for being aggressive to acquaintances while being walked on lead, you should not. He is guarding you. That simple. Honorable behavior. If you fault your dog for aggression in a ‘dog park’ where he is running free, or on the beach, or in the woods, well shame on you; you’re the one at fault for risking his life in such an uncontrolled situation. Dogs that can manage such encounters without aggression are fine, but you cannot automatically expect a dog to have friendly relations with animals from outside his own ‘pack’. It goes against his whole evolution.” She goes on to list several medical problems associated with castration. The connection to tumors is discussed by Myrna Milani DVM in “Spay, Neuter, and Cancer”

    Municipal Court Judge, Francis X. Gorman (7-8-2004 Toledo, OH) stated: “Obviously the ratio of dog bites per dog versus dog population seemingly would be relevant in this case. .. Candidly, this court feels that … Pit Bulls do not cause the most bites in the United States. Certainly the bites of mixed breed dogs far exceed those of the Pit Bull because there are many more mixed breed dogs than Pit Bulls. Moreover, even local statistics indicate that, for example, the Chow bites more frequently than the Pit Bull.”

    A recent study of the medical charts of minors seeking medical attention for dog bites did actually reference the breed involved (as identified by the veterinarian providing proof of rabies vaccination) to the total breed population as could reasonably be determined by administrative district records (Pediatrics, March 2006). The resulting risk index showed that German Shepherd Dogs were 5 times more likely to cause bite trauma than “pit bulls”.

    The website for the Centers for Disease Control has a disclaimer about their own, often misused and misquoted statistics. “A CDC study on fatal dog bites lists the breeds involved in fatal attacks over 20 years…does not identify specific breeds that are most likely to bite or kill, and thus is not appropriate for policy-making decisions related to the topic. And “There is currently no accurate way to identify the number of dogs of a particular breed, and consequently no measure to determine which breeds are more likely to bite or kill.” Since the source for their statistics was news reports (see “Media Bias”) and data supplied by an animal rights organization with a frightening political agenda, the study is all but useless.

    To put all of this into perspective I offer some additional information that I discovered. In the United States, approximately: 2,000 children are killed every year by their parents, through abuse and neglect (A child is 800 times more likely to be killed by their adult caretaker than by a “Pit Bull”)

    Dr. Ian Dunbar, a veterinarian and behaviorist from Berkeley, CA. believes the entire issue is overblown. He maintains more people are killed annually by tripping over their own slippers than all fatal dog attacks combined, regardless of breed.

    Even Dr. Julie Gilchrist of the CDC agrees. “The truth is that SUV’s are far more dangerous than pit bulls, and they’re still on the road.”

    It is estimated that around 5,000,000 dogs per year are killed in shelters. In many places “Pit Bulls” make up as much as 30-50% of the shelter population, and sadly, are less likely to be considered for adoption than any other breed. Assuming that 25% of the shelter dogs killed are “Pit Bulls”, then approximately 1.25 million “Pit Bulls” are killed in shelters every year.

    Therefore, it is at least a hundred thousand times more likely that a “Pit Bull” will be killed by a HUMAN, than the other way around.

  11. I don’t think it is just about a particular breed, although lots of folks are fearful of pit bulls. Maybe it is bad press for those dogs. I think it was also about so many dogs in such a small space. It must be very difficult to keep things clean and manage.

    And think of the vet bills for all of them! How could you afford it? Our little pug cost 1500 dollars for emergency care once! It was worth it. We love our little dog, but it was still a lot to deal with.

  12. Tony, here’s some information for you. In veterinary clinics it is the Chihuahua that bites most often with Lhasa Apso’s causing the worst injuries (http://veterinarynews.dvm360.com/dvm/Working+with+patients+-+technicians/Study-Chihuahuas-bite-vets-most-Lhaso-Apsos-inflic/ArticleStandard/Article/detail/613820). A study published by Applied Animal Behavior Science listed the Dachshund as the most likely biter. And second was the Chihuahua, followed by the Jack Russell Terrier. This study was done interviewing 6000 owners. There was also a study done recently (though I cannot find the information on it) that listed the Golden Retriever as twenty times more likely to bite than a Pit Bull type dog. I have two Golden Retrievers. I also had an Am Staff. Can you guess which one(s) I’ve had more aggression trouble with? There were 51 Pit Bull type dogs rescued from Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring. Fifty one dogs that had been exposed to the horror of kill or be killed. Fifty one dogs that endured the most heinous treatment imaginable by man. Forty nine of those dogs were successfully rehabilitated and are now living, loving and thriving in their forever homes. And, on a side note, you have no idea what’s happening in Quartzsite or the lengths to which some will go to discredit Jennifer Jones. How about you not pontificate on it?



  14. FYI “Tony”, the Mayor of Quartzsite comes over to get his “fur fix” and play with my dogs several times a week and had nothing to do with the Town of Quartzsite’s actions. He wrote a letter to the Town Manager back on May 9th admonishing her not to continue on this course of action. Additionally, all members of the Town Council and The Town’s attorney were given a “cease and desist” order on June 11th and a request to show legal authority to reclassify my RV. None were able to provide any response because none such exists. The contents of that correspondence may be read at:
    Because these are the very same issues raised over 5 years ago, stemming from the then warrant less search of my RVs, the Town has now opened the door for me to introduce evidence and testimony from tthat incident and the resulting citation, which was adjudicated in my favor in the summer of 2008. Issues concerning the Town’s jurisdiction over my so called “kennel” are already a matter of public record. Considering the proveable facts involved, the actions of the Town of Quartzsite in this matter is about the dumbest stunt they could have pulled…

  15. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? It amazes me how people are so quick to jump on the band wagon when they have no idea what is going on. This town has obviously got it out for Jade. Also people may want to look at the right hand as the left hand could be distracting us all from another nefarious deed going on under our noses. Jade will prevail as good will over come the evil that is trying to keep hold on this town. Everyone should be thanking Jade for her tenacity to stand her ground for the good of Quartzsite. She will be the one that saves this town while those like Tony cower to their corners in fear. Just because a public SERVANT says it’s blue does not make it blue.. People need to research anything that comes out of this town governments doors, because chances are it’s far from the truth and they know the majority of the people will not question it.. and go along even if it’s over a cliff… That’s the main reason Quartzsite and the US is where it is. Blindly believing that what they tell you is truth… Smarten up people…. be the change you wish to see in this world… ghandi

  16. That’s like the pot calling the kettle black Roseanne. I’ll admit I don’t know either side very well but what I do know is that my best friend got the worst haircut ever by Jennifer Jones and came out scared shitless! Hell, if I’d know she had all those dogs there I never would have taken Roy in the first place. How the hell is she keeping all those poor dogs cool in a hot tin box on BLM land. We should all agree on one thing it ain’t the breeds fault its the breeders fault! My buddy is a pit bull queensland mix and the best friend I’ve ever had. Next to Sarah, God rest her soul. Love ya darlin.

  17. Never groomed “Sam’s” dog, Nice try Mr. Prince or whomever you are. Set up a phony Facebook account and started friending my friends again. What, did you get fired from Strat4 and have to freelance? How’s the weather in Ohio this time of year/ While I’m flattered to have my own personal cyber stalker, your employer must be so disappointed in your gross incompetence…

  18. Sorry Jennifer never been to Ohio, but I have a liking for Louisiana and a bowl of some good o’l gumbo with a kick! Strat4? Was that a science fiction movie about Mars last year? Don’t think I got to see that one. You ever seen the movie Blue Ash? Getting back to your problem with your pit bulls, I guess you don’t remember me and Roy. I’m sure Jack would remember us. You should try giving him a bath sometime! You should just let some good folks adopt those poor animals. Why don’t you tell us how you expect to care for your dogs kept in that old tin box of a trailer with no electric or water out in the middle of some hot dry desert camping land! You may love your dogs but you sure don’t know how to take care of them. Better get ready to have them taken from you cause they’re coming for them!

  19. But there is water and electric, troll. My dogs never go without anything and would never be left under the conditions you and your co-conspirators suggest. We have been permanent residents on BLM for a couple years now and have everything we need to live quite comfortably that way. If YOU really lived in Quartzsite as your FB account claims, then you would know that.Bad mouth me all you want, it matters not. As long as I’ve been here, the people of La Paz County know better.

  20. Wow Chuckie! I say Ohio, you say Blue Ash…or is it really your puppet Mark? If YOU were in Quartzsite like your phony FB profile states than you would know we have both water and electric on the desert. Nice try, whomever is paying you must be so disappointed. The good people of Quartzsite know better.

  21. Yep it is pretty obvious that Sam Sheppard is made up just to harass Jennifer. How said. It just goes to show how immature the Town of Quartzsite is.

  22. For those that don’t know, Charles Prince, of Prinztek is the Blue Ash Ohio resident currently under investigation for mail fraud and wire fraud related to “The Quartzsite Fund LLC.

  23. I actually went to visit Jennifer yesterday and I saw nothing a quite comfy setup for her dogs. She had Cooleroo dog bed that I saw and those are not cheap. I know, my dog chewed one up.

  24. Nothing but, quite a comfy setup I meant.

  25. Back to the black kettle, it’s kinda ridiculous you accuse me of harassing Jennifer Jones when she’s the queen of harassment. I’ve had the misfortune of reading her rag paper before and I can’t believe the level she goes to harass people. I’m all for free speech, gun rights and the constitution but what she does can’t be called American! Mrs. Jones you’re one sick old lady and I have compassion for your mental illness. Most of all I feel sorry for your dogs that are locked up in those small cages. I hope they get good homes before it’s too late. No animal should have to live in a small cage all their life, they should be able to live like a Prince!

  26. Ahhh, so the truth comes out Sam Sheppard/Charles Prince…it’s my Constitutional right to free speech at issue here. The content of my newspaper is why my dogs are being unfairly targeted. At least that much has come out.

    Just so we’re all clear, my show dogs have “a good home” with the run of my very large class A motorhome until I had to move them to keep them safe from Quartzsite’s idiot officials. They all have a “play buddy” and took turns sleeping with us, etc. Now I have been deprived of that. You don’t win as many dog show trophys as they have by being “locked up” in small cages. The Town wont show the pictures because the were in large cages, lying on clean blankets under a shelf with some of the awards that wouldn’t fit in my storage unit. They have been with me in Quartzsite for 13 years now without incident or sworn complaint, even marched in several Town parades. Champion Dakota used to teach dog bite safety to the children’s after school program and her picture was exploited (without my permission) to raise money for former Town Manager Alex Taftt’s non profit “Paw Power”

    This very same trailer that was parked in Town all last summer and Steve Henrich’s didn’t take issue with it then. He did take issue with the travel trailer I was building into the nicest grooming facility the Town ever had and did everything he could to stop me from using it. The Town even cited me 603 separate counts of allegedly violating the zoning code, for parking that RV in an RVPark/Swap Meet, then turned around and dismissed all the charges “in the interest of justice”. Now I ‘m suing them over it and the crybabies can’t accept responsibility for their arbitrary and punitive actions. Maybe our troll friend here should be more concerned about finding good homes for Councilman Orgeron’s sweet little cocker spaniels. He wouldn’t bring them for grooming until they were suffering under a matted pile of hot, black hair. I groomed them several times (even have before and after pictures around here somewhere) until he became involved with Prince, the Blue Ash Ohio resident who is under investigation for mail fraud and wire fraud over The Quartzsite Fund LLC.

  27. So Jennifer, it’s about YOUR Constitutional right to free speech at issue here. Do you remember the old Saturday Night Live skit with Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin? Goes something like this.

    Dan Aykroyd: Jennifer, you ignorant sl*t. My personality profile is not at issue here, any more than is your inability to achieve fame. The issue is about your dogs. How can we expect to have the confidence in anything you say when you are who you are. I suppose you’d like us all to envy you and the way you conduct your private life, pretending to be something your not and wishing you’ll be something you will never be. Then what do you have? An old, dried-out award winning dog groomer wannabe that no animal loving person would ever go to. Is that what you want for yourself? It’s too late for you, Jennifer, but some of us still has some dignity left, you hosebag!

    Jennifer Jones: Thank you, Dan! According to the American Psychological Association, it’s not my fault I’m who I am. Everyone else is the problem! People are more prone to ignorance when you’re like me. Here to comment further is correspondent Roseanne Roseannadanna.

    Roseanne Roseannadanna: Well, Jennifer. It just goes to show ya! It’s always somethin’! Either you’re ignorant or you got toilet paper hangin’ from your shoe! But, Jennifer, even though you spew your selfish hate and discontent, and you think you know who I am, I gotcha a little present coming!

    Jennifer Jones: Roseanne, I – I’m embarrassed. I don’t know what to say. I– I – I don’t know. Oh…

    Well you get the message Jennifer even if no one else does. If you get to thinkin’ you’re a person of some influence, try orderin’ somebody else’s dog around.

  28. I’m not worried about my professional reputation troll, it was built on recommendations by my customers and the shortcomings of my competition. Clearly, the vitriolic reaction my mere presence inspires is indicative of how much my newspaper inspires fear amongst the cockroaches who do not wish to operate in the light of day. If the Town proceeds along it’s doomed path, and chooses to replay the kennel issue wherein I prevailed five years ago, then I have an all-star list of witnesses to subpoena. And the defense calls Dan Field, Martin Brannan, John Drum…

  29. Yeah Jennifer, you have plenty of friends in LOW places. Hope you get professional help real soon. Adios, the rodeo’s over.

  30. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass “Sam”!

  31. I don’t know what is going on but I know a mess when I see it. Seems there is another side to this thing that folks haven’t heard yet. Check this out –


  32. Hey Jennifer, the door missed me. I just had to get on the bull one more time! I got to read up on all your facebook drama about this DPS report. W.C Fields was said “Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people. ” If I were a betting man, and I am, there ain’t no way in hell I’d bet a dime on you! And when God gave out brains, good lord, the horses were way ahead of you. In fact, I don’t think you ever made it in line! Between your problems with Quartzsite, your dogs, BLM, and the law, you better pack up your flea bitten hot tin box of camper crap and run like hell! You are in some deep dog shit! But then I heard you had plenty of that already at your “spa”. I think the only way you will ever make it into a court room will be in a set of leg irons. I heard you looked mighty spiffy in orange. You and that mayor deserve each other.

    Don’t let the jail door hit you in the ass “Jennifer”!

  33. Oh goodie! Another trouble making troll?

  34. This is the kind of treatment one can expect if you publish the story of Jeff Gilberts best friend Mendoza.

    They will retaliate with all means possible. The little thing with the Parker town manager wasn’t supposed to GET OUT!!

  35. John Riverat, Jennifer didn’t out that…

  36. I could have, but it’s only relevant to the story if it effects her handling of the situation. I never publish everything I know, only what I can prove.

  37. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that this press release was disseminated after the comment I made at 11:39 in this video, during “Call to the Public” at the 9:00 am, August 26th, Quartzsite Town Council Meeting. But watch it and decide for yourself.

  38. I have 1 question for Sam (want to be Shepard), why do you hide behind a fake name? Why can’t you be open and real like the rest of these people? What are you hiding or ashamed of. I don’t Live in Quartzsite. Nor do I know any of you. But I do no that if you hide behind a fake name and can’t put it all out on the table, well then I don’t Know why any of these people bother responding to your comments, cuz your just a spineless piece of s–t. As for the rest of you responding to the spineless one, your giving him what he wants. A reaction. He’s. Like a little kid calling another kid names. I used to tell my kids, when someone calls you a name and you react by getting mad and calling the kid a name back. The kid has got what he wanted to get. A reaction to his action. Don’t give him the pleasure.

  39. If you don’t know any of these folks then how do you know any of them are using their real name? Who is Kathy? Sorry to disappoint ya dear I’m the real deal and I don’t hide from anything, I’ll be back in the area soon so lets get together. I had an old cow once in the herd that we called Kathy. I sure hope you’re better lookin than her! By the way Jen, I”ll see ya soon. Giddy up!

  40. Gee a whole month has gone by and I haven’t been charged with a thing.

  41. Mr. Sheppard,

    I have no problem in using my own name. In fact, if you want to see the real facts behind the unlawful actions by the Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert, just visit my web site at http://www.aview.info and from the home page you can read/download the 60-page Federal Judge Aspey “Order” against the Town of Quartzsite, now former Chief Jeff Gilbert, Town Manager Alex Taft, and Asst. Town Manager Al Johnson.

    Take the time to read through this “Finding of Fact” from Justice Aspey. You will not be so bold to speak out in support of the Town of Quartzsite. Most of us that have work within the Criminal & Civil Court Systems look at the former Quartzsite Police Department Officer could be seeing from a low of one million to five million in judgments against the Town of Quartzsite before this is all over…

    Paul Staudt

  42. Mr. Sheppard,

    On another note, I have been attacked by a Pit Bull and other dogs in my lifetime. Yes, I have shot a number of them to keep from being bitten. However, in every case, it was not the dog but the owner and the environment that the dog had been raised in.

    I have known Jade for a long time and have visited her and the dogs that she has won many awards for breeding and show. I have NEVER seen one abused, mistreated, or without proper supervision, food, and water. In fact she spend a good amount of her money to keep her dogs out of the hot sun with air conditioning. Are you aware that she has spent hundreds of dollars to keep her dogs alive when you or I would have just had the dog put down? It is a fool that doesn’t care for their investment when they make their living from their dogs!

    Paul Staudt

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