Family moves to Ohio, names dog ‘Parker’


This is the family of Jonathan Landis, a former Parker-area youth pastor who moved to Toledo, Ohio earlier this year. And this is their new dog Parker, named for the town they came from!

“Now we will always have Parker with us. New family dog, named Parker in honor of all our friends there,” says the caption on the Instagram pic.

The Landis family is now involved in church-planting in Ohio.

Has anybody else named their children, pets or inanimate objects after the town of Parker?


  1. Thank you Parker for your investment into the Landis family! They speak so highly of their time there! What is your lose of a great youth pastor, is our gain here in Toledo to see a great church raised up in East Toledo!

  2. Missing this awesome family, the Landis family were sent off with blessing, love and support from their church family and friends. Glad to see that all is well with this lovely family. Welcome “PARKER” to a great family.

    I once had a Cocker Spaniel, named her “Marina” for the river marina’s of Parker.

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