Bridge on fire



MORNING UPDATE: Reportedly the bridge is open one lane only.


A fire broke out on the bridge connecting Parker, AZ and Earp, CA Monday evening.

The bridge had been under construction and it appears some construction-related temporary structures may have burned. It is not known how the fire started or whether this incident will affect the integrity of the bridge under construction.

Traffic was not being allowed on the bridge for several hours. Motorists needing to travel from the California side of the Colorado River to the Arizona side or vice versa needed to cross over Parker Dam to the north. [EDIT: Motorists can also use Agnes-Wilson Road to the south.] There is no estimated time of reopening the road, and some reports suggest the Army Corp of Engineers may need to inspect the structural soundness of the bridge before it is allowed to be reopened.

Members of a construction crew working on the bridge are present, as well as many emergency vehicles, fire trucks and agencies. Traffic to BlueWater Lagoon is being allowed to pass at the current time on a case-by-case basis.

Reports suggest that the fire is mostly extinguished by firefighters on the scene. Parker Live will post an update and high quality photographs tomorrow.

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  1. Does anyone know how it started, what happened, or anything about it?

  2. You can use the Agnes Wilson Bridge if you need to get across the river.

  3. Dang I’m stuck on Cali side. I don’t get off work til 10 and I’m up river guess I will us the dam tonight.

  4. This is the bridge from California Avenue across to California. Runs by the Wheeler Inn. Still burning. You can also use Agnes Wilson Road about 1/2 way between Parker and Blythe…maybe less than half way.

  5. My boyfriend’s Mom lives in the trailer park just on the other side of that bridge. She is elderly and relies on us to bring her food and medication. I hope that we can cross the bridge by morning. Stay safe everyone.

  6. Daddy!! Please be careful, I know you are helping the firefighters, but here at home we are praying that this fire and nightmare of almost 2yrs of hard work on this bridge ends soon!!

  7. Heard at bingo that an oil tanker hit the bridge which started the fire.

  8. Heard at bingo that an oil tanker hit the bridge which started the fire.

  9. THANKS! John and Keith

  10. Is the bridge open yet? Or does anyone know if it’ll be open today?

  11. The bridge is not open yet. Just got a call from my honey who works on the bridge and it is still closed.

  12. Does anyone know if the bridge will be open today?

  13. are school buses still goingto be runningfor the kids?

  14. i just called parker pd. they said both lanes are now open on the bridge. its 7:00a.m. tuesday. lawny @ crossroads

  15. that’s bad will be in parker this week end hope they get it all cleaned up ok

  16. that’s bad will be in parker this week end hope they get it all cleaned up ok

  17. Well I’m glad to hear that no one got hurt in this fire…. Hope the fire didn’t do to much damage to the bridge…. The construction crew put a lot of work into that project

  18. Can heavy trucks go into wilson rd bridge? Does anyone knows.

  19. yes they are alod on Wilson rd bridge

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