Parker Live lives!


If I had a buck for every call, email, text message or comment where someone asked a variation of the question, “What’s up with Parker Live?”, I could buy my own comedian to follow me around and distract me with mirth from the horribleness of dealing with our hosting company over the past few days.

On Friday, after several similar prior issues in recent weeks, a guy from our hosting company InMotion called me up and said, “We can’t do this anymore.” What? What can’t they do anymore? Host our site? Why? Aren’t they a hosting company?

It turns out Parker Live was getting too much traffic for the server it was on, and, in the process, sinking a bunch of other websites hosted on the same server. What this means, ladies and gentlemen, is that you did this. You’re the jerks firing torpedoes at a bunch of innocent other websites, and you did it with your hunger for Parker area news!

This is all good, of course. It means we’re growing, too much – literally – for the shared server we were hosted on. So, on Monday morning, InMotion moved us over to our own dedicated server. Except, like, a million things went wrong with that. So it took approximately 400 hours on the phone with them and some computer detective work to find the different solutions to these million problems until today – Wednesday, October 9th – and I need a margarita.

So, thank you. Thank you for your patience while we were down, thank you for giving us this very welcome problem in the first place, and thank you for continuing to get your local news at Parker Live.

We have some new stuff up today: a letter answered, a column posted, some new events on the calendar, and a little in the news section.

Bookmark the site please!, and visit often: we can deal with it now.



  1. Thanks for your hard work, John. BTW I love the picture.

  2. Cheryl Cherbak Kennedy

    Soooooooooooo Happy you are back up and running!!!!

  3. But, did you get any RAIN?

  4. Moved to new mexico. But, still follow parker live daily.

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