To The Editor: A story from Parker Animal Shelter

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The following is a note I received from one of the volunteers at Parker Animal Shelter:

“A good news story for you, we just live trapped a female chihuahua mix in the Walmart parking lot. She had been living in the back of Walmart since July after being thrown out of a car. Walmart employees were feeding her dog biscuits and water but were unable to catch her. After we captured the little girl we realized she is pregnant. She is now at the shelter, gave her a big can of wet food when we got back to the shelter. She has a warm bed and now we wait for the puppies. I sat with her before I left the shelter and she is very scared but loving, she sits in your lap and will lick you to death. She gets a bath today and more treats. After we trapped her I went in to Walmart and told a couple employees, they were so happy that one of them started crying. It was very stressful for them because they felt they could not keep her safe from the elements and predators.”

These are the good news stories that we want people to know. Staff and volunteers are committed to doing the right thing.

A garage sale will be held on Friday, November 8th and Saturday, November 9th at 2051 Holly Ave in Lake Havasu (cross streets are Kiowa and San Juan). Signs will be posted. The sale is for the Parker Animal Shelter to help build a much needed room for baby kittens and abandoned cats until they are adopted. 100% of the sales will go towards the cost of the new room, as well as spray/neuter fees. The construction will cost about $1200.00 and the labor for building is being donated by a few Parker residents. The garage sale will help fund the material cost. Every cent will go towards the building and the animals. Not a cent goes to wages or benefits.

Wendy Dressendorfer

Great story and an excellent cause. We’ll add the garage sale to our calendar of events! Thanks for passing that along.


  1. I think that is a greatstory and a wonderful thing, I hope that they all get homes, however there are so many unwanted dogs, I have a neighbor that lets her dog roam because she no longer wants it, it is a sweet young female dog of mixed breed, I called officer to come and pick up the dog but because it is Sunday he couldn’t do anything about her, he told me that they had tried to turn it into the Parker dog pound but it cost $85.00 to do so, is this true? seems a bit steep to me, so this dog is left to be a stray? Can something be done?

  2. The Parker Animal shelter does not charge a turnover fee for animals. I am not sure why your neighbor believes there is a fee. The shelter in Havasu charges a $10 turnover fee. And I am not sure if the CRIT shelter charges a fee. The Parker shelter also offers low cost spay and neuter for residents. If the animal resides on CRIT jurisdiction then the animal must go to the CRIT shelter otherwise you can bring the animal to the Parker shelter at no cost.

  3. Well that is good to know, I do not know these people very well but their dogs do get out, it is up river and I worry about them, being an animal lover and pet owner myself, they must have been misinformed, but the officer said that he thought he had heard that there was a fee as well. Thank you for the information, I hate it when people get puppies because they are cute and then drop the ball on them when they need training, time and care, same people must make great parents as well.

  4. The shelter does provide low cost spay/neuter, $90. Perhaps that is the fee she is talking about. She can turn the dog over and we will put the pup up for adoption on facebook and Petfinders. All animals adopted from the shelter are required to be altered. The fee to alter a dog is paid by the adoptee.

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