Man on horse visits Parker, horse goes missing, found

UPDATE: The horse has been found. A KLPZ listener called to say that the horse was seen on the bridge in the early hours of the morning and that some people had taken Anna to a corral. This was quickly confirmed and the horse was located and is on her way to be reunited with her owner. Thanks to all for the help!


The horse belonging to a man who rode it into town less than a week ago has disappeared, according to the man.

Jeremiah rides his ‘paint’ horse, Anna, around the country in a nomadic lifestyle, and appeared on KLPZ 1380am earlier this week to talk about his adventures.

Now, he says Anna ‘took off’ and is currently missing. They were staying at a house in Big River, CA near the bridge across the Colorado River to Parker.

Jeremiah is asking the public to watch out for Anna. Please call KLPZ radio at (928) 669-9274 if you have any information or can help.


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