‘No recall’ campaign signs being vandalized


Campaign signs are being vandalized ahead of the CRIT recall referendum at the ballot November 6th, Parker Live has learned.

The Colorado River Indian Tribes is to hold a vote on whether to have a recall election. The campaign for ‘No recall’ is having its signs vandalized and its posts stolen, says a source, with 20 posts being stolen so far and 13 signs vandalized. According to the source, it has been happening since October 29th and as late as Friday morning.

It is illegal to destroy or vandalize political campaign signs, and law enforcement reports have reportedly been filed.

The referendum on whether to have a recall election is November 6th, with polls open from 6am that morning.

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  1. Hey John, this might be a good time to have reps. from both sides of the Recall come into the studio & voice their concerns so maybe tribal members can get a better grasp of what it is all about.

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