Watch: Residents want 60-day extension on BLM trails comments, KLPZ segment

Parker Area Chamber of Commerce Director Director Mary Hamilton wants to appeal for the help of La Paz County residents to secure a 60-day extension from the Bureau of Land Management for public input on possible trail closures or changes by BLM.

According to an email from U.S. Senator for Arizona Jeff Flake’s office obtained by the Chamber, Flake is declining to request an extension from BLM “because there has been considerable time for comment.”

Some locals disagree, saying that the process to submit comments is quite specific and they need more time to make their case for desert trails in La Paz County to stay open to off-roaders and recreation.

“People who are concerned about this should call Senator Flake’s office at (602) 840-1891,” Mary said. “Tell them you would like to request that the Senator ask for a 60-day extension to review the BLM La Posa TMP.”

Mary called KLPZ 1380am this afternoon briefly to talk about the issue. Watch below (works on desktop computers and some mobile devices).

UPDATE- Video corrected.

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