New AT&T Wireless tower goes live


UPDATE, October 31st 2014: AT&T has activated this tower, which provides LTE data speeds and 5 bars in the town of Parker.


AT&T Wireless took the first week of 2014 to install a new cell tower serving the Parker, AZ area. The 120-foot tower was constructed on Geronimo Avenue in Parker, on a lot owned by Parker Towing.

The tower will be the wireless carrier’s first in La Paz County. Before now, AT&T Wireless customers in the Parker area were served by a tower almost 12 miles away, south of Vidal, CA. The Vidal site was upgraded to 4G last year, allowing higher mobile data speeds for those with AT&T phones.

Plans for the new cell tower have been in the works for well over a year. Wireless carriers typically design their systems around allocated radio engineering standards that are compatible with the licenses they own and will serve a population that needs better coverage.

AT&T Wireless is among the last of the major carriers to invest seriously in the Parker area. The carrier came last in a Parker Live popularity poll among Parker area residents several years ago, with Verizon topping the list of preferred carriers for the area. Since then, T-Mobile and Sprint/Nextel have also installed new cell sites here, perhaps in recognition that the area swells with visitors in both summer and winter that far outnumber the permanent resident population.


  1. Any updates on when this tower will actually go live?

  2. Unfortunately not. I’ve been waiting too!

  3. I was in Parker for the Parker 425 and the tower still wasn’t in operation yet. Does ANYONE know anything about this?

  4. I called AT&T yesterday and they said the activation date for the new tower is scheduled for March 31, 2014!

  5. They don’t like to do anything quickly!

  6. Thanks Jake!!

  7. I called AT&T today they said will go live 4/29/14

  8. Spoke with AT&T rep stated goes live by June 30th…

  9. I was told the same thing, and that it was delayed for high winds / stormy conditions.

  10. Just talked to AT&T. The new ETA for the AT&T Cell Tower in Parker is October 2014. Wow. I live in Parker. What a pain.

  11. This tower was activated today and provides full 5 bars LTE in the town of Parker.

  12. Verizon isn’t any good by the Dam or up to 6 miles south of it in AZ. Just drive along Riverside Dr. or the hwy and service is on then off or nothing at all. Resort areas shouldn’t be subject to that.

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